Coach Casey Burrill

COVID-19 Daily Updates Archive

Wednesday May 27, 2020

Thanks to the more than 80 zoom connections we had tonight for our 2020 WR Baseball Banquet. I was reminded how much this pandemic has turned our world upside down. But I was also reassured that all will be OK because of the quality of young men we are sending out into our society.  Our 8 seniors exibit the best of mankind.  They are determined and optimistic. Congrats to our seniors for an amazing 4 years.  Those who remain at WR and are set to take the field again, follow the example our seniors left for you. It will take you down the correct path.

Here is a recap of the senior awards handed out tonight-
MVP – RJ Gordon
Offensive POY- RJ Gordon 
Defensive POY – Nicholas Perez 
Paul Hammons Most Inspirational – Nicholas Perez 
Senior Pitcher of the Year – Luke St Amand 
Maureen Burrill Most Improved- Brandon Wyre 
Suzanne Fogel Highest GPA – Ryan Farr
Lori Alvarez Highest Moral Character – Ryan Farr
Mr.Versatility Award – Matt Striplin
Coaches' Perseverance Award – Josh Yosfan
Play of the Year - Carson Lagana

Reminder, no player meeting Friday.  Parent meeting for next Monday is on and will take place at 7pm.

Have a great rest of your week!

Stay safe!

Tuesday May 26, 2020

Here is the link for our online Baseball Banquet tomorrow night-

No player meeting on Friday as that is now a school day because yesterday was a holiday.

Working on Fresno hotel booking for July 17-19. I will have more info on summer page soon.

See you tomorrow night for the online banquet. Looking forward to celebrating our seniors.

Stay safe!

Monday May 25, 2020

Hope you had a great memorial day, safe and healthy.

Here is the link for our 2020 online Baseball Banquet on Wednesday May 27-

No parent meeting this week. No player meeting this week.

Varsity summer game schedule is changing again. Looks like we are back in the Fresno Tourney. I will work on it today.

Our security cameras caught our first visitor last night. Good size brown bear. I am sure Coach Wife will post online sometime today.

Looking forward to honoring our seniors on Wednesday night!

Stay safe everyone!

Sunday May 24, 2020

Here is the link for our 2020 online Baseball Banquet on Wednesday May 27-

No parent meeting this week. No player meeting this week. Enjoy your Memorial Day tomorrow and honor those who have served our great country.

Players should check with teachers about the district's flexible finish. Textbook collection is this week, go to school website for more information.

All returning families to West Ranch, along with those coming to us from 8th grade, need to being the Online Registration Process (OLR) for the 2020-2021 school year.  The window in Infinite Campus is now open.  Even if your student is returning to West Ranch, EVERY parent needs to create and/or log into their portal account and submit an Online Registration application for the 2020-21 school year. OLR has been updated to include all the new notices and forms for the upcoming school year.  

Seniors, ou can start to order your Official/Final transcripts now. All you need to do is to fill out the following google form: Senior survey is here-

Everyone stay safe, and I will see you online Wednesday night for our virtual banquet.

Saturday May 23, 2020

Here is the link for our 2020 online Baseball Banquet on Wednesday May 27-

No parent meeting Monday. No player meeting Friday.

I will see everyone Wednesday night for the online banquet! Enjoy your Memorial Day on Monday and honor those who have served our great country.

Stay safe everyone!

Friday May 22, 2020

Today was the Flexible Finish start date. This is where our players, parents, and teachers could agree upon the finish to the semester. All three parties need to agree. Contact individual teachers for more information on each class.

Today I had a faculty meeting, department meeting, and our player meeting. The news from the faculty meeting was that the teachers in our district need to be prepared for a different looking fall semester. The start of the semester has the chance of looking different this year. In what way?? No one knows. It will all depend on what LA County decides are the new health mandates. It is everyone’s best guess on what all this means for sports, clubs, and activities.

The department meeting was more of the same discussion. Then I relayed all this information and speculation on to our players in our weekly zoom meeting.

Do not forget, this is a three-day weekend.  So, classes will be Tuesday – Friday next week. No online school on Monday.

No parent meeting Monday and no player meeting Friday because of the holiday week.

Stay safe everyone!

Thursday May 21, 2020

Player meeting tomorrow will be at 10am, here is the link-

We bought a Subaru to drive up & down the mountain. So now we just need the all-clear to go back to work, play ball, and be normal again. Coach Wife and I are ready to make the commute!

MLB needs to get their act together and plan for a shortened season. The country needs baseball. Can’t someone order them to play?

Last day in Canada, it has been an amazing coast to coast virtual trip. I cannot wait to take coach wife, Max, and pile in an RV to make the journey for real. So today to finish off the trip we take the ferry from Sydney to Newfoundland where will finish our French Canadian tour.
Stay safe everyone!

Wednesday May 20, 2020

Friday player meeting will be at 10am, here is the link-

Not much new to report today. Here are some upcoming event reminders. This Friday is the "Flexible Finish" date for classes. Check with your teacher on how they will be handling the end of the semester. Tuesday next week is West Ranch Senior Awards Night. Email with details will be sent out from the school. Next Wednesday is our annua baseball banquet, online of course. I will post a zoom link this weekend.

COC is going to be online for the fall semester. Not a good sign...

Canadain online tour is close to completion, we have arrived at the east coast of Canada and Nova Scotia. First stop is Dartmouth. We will otur the Dartmouth Crossing, Shearwater Aviation Museum, and the Subenacadie Canal Waterway.

Stay safe everyone!

Tuesday May 19, 2020

Friday player meeting will be at 10am, here is the link-

LA County is on a push to reopen on July 4. Not sure what that means for our June 22 start. I believe we can push everything to July if needed. We will wait and see. I know our district is going to monitor and make the appropriate decision based on everyone’s safety. There have been so many dates thrown out as restart dates, none have been accurate yet. So I will be patient.

I hear from parents and players that they feel like they are falling behind because they are not playing baseball. This is not the case. No one is playing right now. If you are working out, eating right, and working on basic baseball skills, then you are ahead of the game. Do not go do something that would put your family and friends in danger because you feel like you are behind. Think smart, don’t be emotional.

Do not give anyone money for future baseball, including West Ranch. The baseball world is full of people who make money off of families desperate to play.They offer false hopes and promises. You may not get your money back! Most of the options out there, especially in today's environment, are only money makers for the organizers of the teams and events. Best case basbeall scenario now is you put your son, family, and friends at risk to play an irrelevent weekend of baseball. And of course this cost you a bunch of money.

I have been asked about throwing and arm care. I believe that you need to find your own personal balance. I understand and agree with the following tactics: do not throw at all during the pandemic and rest my arm, do long toss, throw heavy bullpens each week, and just do arm care exercises with light throwing. Really, I get all angles and thoughts. If your arm responds to rest, then do it. If your arm responds best to constant throwing and/or training, then have at it. My 20+ years of coaches and 20+ years of playing, I have concluded that no arms are alike. I have seen it all! So be your own expert and advocate. You can always contact me for my free opinions.

Today we start to get to the end of the Canadian virtual tour. The Burrills are heading to Fredericton which is the capital of New Brunswick in eastern Canada, on the St. John River. It is known for its Historic Garrison District and 18th-century British army base now home to a Changing of the Guard ceremony.

Stay safe everyone!

Monday May 18, 2020

Solid parent meeting last night, thanks to all who took the time to participate.

Continue to hold the end of the year awards date. We will recognize our short season, celebrate the school year, and honor our seniors. Event will take place online Wednesday May 27 at 7pm. Link to the event will be posted on the baseball website.

The senior awards banquet for the school will be the night before. Several baseball seniors will be receiving awards and honors. Might be a fun program to watch. Your truly put on his baseball uniform to record a handful of presentations.

Keep following the school website and West ranch social media for all the latest happenings and updates.

Next player meeting will be Friday at 10am.

Off to the Burrill Canadian virtual tour we go… we stopped in a small French-Canadian town of Caribou. Hoping to see some caribou.

Stay safe everyone!

Sunday May 17, 2020

Parent meeting tomorrow night 7pm. Here is the zoom link-

As we near the end of the school year (only 3 weeks left!), teachers have the option of working together with their students using a flexible finish.  This means that, AFTER May 22nd, if a student is good with their current grade, AND the teacher wants to work with this model, they can agree to end the year with that grade in this Flexible Finish. We are now just one week away from this. Please talk with your player about their grade and the “finish line.” Remember, this is only a 2-week window. There probably is not a good chance for a student with a C to jump to an A in two weeks. The player must work with their teacher.  Encourage your player to reach out as soon as possible. The new grading policy along with all information regarding Distance Learning is available on the following District Link:

Textbook collection will occur by grade level during the week of May 26th.  You will receive an email about the books your player currently has checked out this week.

Please encourage your senior player to take a few moments to fill out the senior survey.  Just click on the following link:

Coach Wife and I took the ferry across the St. Lawrence river in Canada today and continued east to Lac-Témiscouata National Park where we did some hiking and exploring.

Stay safe everyone!

Saturday May 16, 2020

Congratulations to Brandon Wyre who received a California Baseball Coaches Association Award for leadership. He was recognized for his dedication to two sports and his ability to overcome his injuries. HERE is the list of the players recognized.

Monday night we will have our next parent zoom meeting. Here is the link to the 7pm meeting-

We have been informed that our summer camp that starts on June 22 will be $100. It will be payable online at the ASB website. The payment link will be active shortly before the camp starts in June, the district is going to wait till the last possible day to decide on the summer camps. Our baseball camp will go for 4 weeks and will finish on Thursday July 16. Hoping we get the all clear to get on the field again.

The virtual Burrill Canadian tour takes to Parc de la Rivière-du-Moulin for some incredible scenery and hiking.

Stay safe everyone!

Friday May 15, 2020

Great chatting with all the baseball players this morning at 10am. We will meet next week on Friday, same time. We talked about summer rosters, spring semester grading, summer ball, and the start of the fall semester.

Tonight, the senior celebration/cap & gown pick-up was legit. Tears, laughter, cheers, and a carnival atmosphere! Great to see most of the baseball seniors tonight. There they were, live in their cars. It was just so nice to see people. Simply great to see all our senior students. I sure do miss them all!  Our staff was amazing last night, 60+ teachers, counselors, administration, campus supervisors, and custodial staff were all there to celebrate with our class of 2020 seniors.

Tonight, the wife and I stay in Quebec City Canada and visit online- Old Quebec, Parc de la Chute-Montmorency, Terrasse Dufferin, and La Citadelle de Quebec.

Stay safe everyone, and have a great weekend!

Thursday May 14, 2020

Tomorrow evening, we get to see our seniors at the cap & gown distribution! Cannot wait to celebrate the class of 2020 in the West Ranch parking lot. Seniors should have received information on this event. Let me know if you did not.

I will be in the SCV all day tomorrow getting some shopping done and running arrands. Then the big event in the evening with the seniors. I will of course check on the field.

Tomorrow morning, we will have our next player meeting at 10am. Here is the link-

Today's journey in Canada keeps us in French Canada and a virtual trip to Quebec City.

Satay safe eveyone!

Wednesday May 13, 2020

Today I posted our preliminary summer rosters. You can find them HERE. Tougher this year to place our players on rosters because we did not have a chance to watch them compete this spring.  These rosters will give us starting point. Summer rosters are never the same as when we start the following spring.  So, to all our players, work hard to get and keep the level of play you want. The sport of baseball has a “grind” that is like no other. Many a talented baseball player has given up, quit, or become discouraged. The game of baseball is a test of one’s desire, courage, endurance, and competitive spirit.  Contact me if there are any questions.

Friday evening, we get to see our seniors at the cap & gown distribution! Cannot wait to celebrate the class of 2020 in the West Ranch parking lot. Seniors should have received information on this event. Let me know if you did not.

This Friday morning, we will have our next player meeting at 10am. Here is the link-

Next Monday May 18th we will have our next parent meeting at 7pm. Tuesday May 26th is West Ranch Senior Awards Night. Wednesday May 27th Is our baseball banquet at 7pm.

The Canadian journey takes us out of Montreal and into Trois-Rivières, even deeper into French Canada. So much to see and do.

Stay safe everyone!

Tuesday May 12, 2020

Well… that was not good news from LA County officials today. They eluded to a few more months of “safer at home” orders.  I hope this is not the case. Fingers are still crossed for a June 22 start to our summer baseball program. People have asked me what the stance of our district is on all of this. Honestly, our district leadership has fallen in line with every decision the state and local government has made. They have no choice but to follow the orders as West Ranch is a public school. In the end, I know the health and safety of all of us will be the driving force of all decisions. I do acknowledge the economic impact these decisions have made on individuals and families.

I am hearing some positive news from our baseball players taking AP Exams this week. Keep up the great work men, we are immensely proud of you!

Friday I will see all the players at 10am for a zoom meeting. Then in the evening I will see the seniors in person at West Ranch HS as there will be a carnival like atmosphere while our 2020 Seniors pick-up their caps and gowns. Coaches Brady Burrill, Ryan Lindgreen, Juan Lopez, Jon Walsh, and I will be there socially distant of course. I will try and take a some of pictures.

I am sure by now no one is following Coach Wife and I as we continue our virtual tour of Canada. I do not care; this has been so therapeutic for me. Feel free to skip this section. I look forward to finding a new place to visit each day and then reading all about it. So, with that, we cruise into Montreal Canada for the Hockey Hall of Fame. Hockey is my favorite sport to watch. This will be a religious experience for me.

Stay safe everyone!

Monday May 11, 2020

I got to introduce the program to a bunch of the incoming freshmen families tonight via a zoom meeting. What a great group, I am super excited to welcome them to the program. Special shout-out to our Athletic Director Dody Garcia for joining us last night.

The new semester and temporary grading policy along with all information regarding Distance Learning is available on the following District Link:

Next current player zoom meeting (all grades) will be Friday at 10am. Here is the zoom link-

Also this Friday I will be at school in the evening for senior cap and gown distribution. Can't wait to see all the seniors this Friday at West Ranch. I'll take some pictures.

Coach Wife and I are still in Ottawa, the Capital of Canada. We will visit the Parliment Building, The Market, Museum of History, and eat at BeaverTails.

Stay safe everyone!

Sunday May 10, 2020

Hope all our baseball moms had a great Mother's Day! Behind every great WR baseball player there is amazing parent support. We salute our baseball moms.

I got out to the field yesterday, here is the latest look-

We will hold a zoom meeting tomorrow night for the incoming freshmen families at 7pm. Spread the word. Here is the zoom link-

Next current player zoom meeting (all grades) will be Friday at 10am. Here is the zoom link-

The new semester and temporary grading policy along with all information regarding Distance Learning is available on the following District Link:

AP Exams begin this week and will be given on-line this year. The dates of each exam have been released along with other information.  You can access information, including online reviews, through the following website:

Seniors and their families, please be on the lookout for all the messages going out regarding cap and gown pick up to occur on Friday. Brady Burrill, Ryan Lindgreen, and I will be there!

Stay in touch with all that is happening at West Ranch by following its social media links.

Coach Wife, Max (dog), and I have been doing a bunch of hiking. The Los Padres National Forest our house is in has a ton of hiking trails and service roads.

Virtual tour continues to move East as we visit the Canadian Capital Ottawa. Much to see here.

Please stay safe, looking forward to the day we are all back on the field. June 22 is my target date.

Saturday May 9, 2020

Busy day today, no update. Don't forget Monday night Incoming Freshmen zoom meeting here-

Stay safe!

Friday May 8, 2020

Got to meet with all the players on this morning. Shared some information and thoughts. Great to "see" all of them again.

I will be down in SCV today and will be visiting Wildcat Field. Can't wait to put a little time and energy into the facility. I will post pictures of the field tomorrow night.

We will hold a zoom meeting Monday night for the incoming freshmen families at 7pm. Spread the word. Here is the zoom link-

Next player zoom meeting (all grades) will be Friday at 10am. Here is the zoom link-

Canadian online tour rolls back into Canada to do some hiking at Hiawatha Highlands.

June 22 and an "All Clear" can't come fast enough!

Stay safe everyone.

Thursday May 7, 2020

All player zoom meeting tomorrow at 10am-

Phase 2 of the opening of the state of California continues to keep my hopes up for a June 22 baseball start.  Praying that the virus continues to stay in check, and we see a return to normalcy.

The Hart District released a temporary grading policy that will be put in place for just this semester. I have a faculty meeting tomorrow and I am sure this will be explained to the teachers in detail. But from what I understand students can take a letter grade of A, B, or C. If they do not want to take a letter grade, then they can receive a pass or fail mark for the course. If a student has a letter grade with 2 weeks left in the course that they like, then they can keep that grade and be done with the course early. This way teachers can work on the students who have not performed well during the distant learning. By having less students to work with for the last 2 weeks of the semester, this will give teachers a chance to work with students with poor grades. I think all of this is a good idea considering today’s unprecedented academic environment.

Got to see Coach Brady Burrill today. It has been a while. They traveled up the 5 to see Coach Wife and I. He and is family are doing great. They have the same pandemic challenges as everyone else. Coach and his wife both teach upper level AP math courses and are busy getting their students ready for the AP exams. And of course, they have a couple grade schoolers. They are teaching their own youngsters at home.

The virtual Canadian journey now has the Burrills crossing the border at Sault Ste Marie so we can make a quick trip to Mackinac Island in the northern part of Michigan. WR Baseball team grandpa Jerry Burrill was born on the island. My great grandfather was in the US Coast Guard and was stationed on Mackinac Island. Also, the island is where Coach Wife and I went on our honeymoon. We will get back up into Canada tomorrow, but a short trip crossing the border was in order so we could see a special place for the Burrill family.

Stay safe everyone!

Wednesday May 6, 2020

I have home internet now!

All player zoom meeting on Friday at 10am-

I am going to co-head coach the with Coach Lindgreen starting this fall. With my new commute, I am going to try and limit my travel. I will still work on schedules, facility improvements, website, budget, uniforms, program promotion, etc…  But I will only be attending varsity practices, games, and functions. Coach Lindgreen and I are excited to make this work. We will have more information and details as we get closer to August so players and parent will be able to approach both Coach Lindgreen and I with any questions or concerns.

I will not have a 1st period next year. Players with 1st period class should take their gear to their 1st period, then store it in my classroom starting at 8am. My classroom will still be open for tutorial, brunch, and lunch. Players will still get ready for practice in room 513. I will have open 6th and 7th periods, so I will make every practice. Coach Wife and I will be commuting together on non-varsity game days. There are a handful of teachers who live up in the mountain communities, so there will be some carpooling as well. Kern county runs bus service from the SCV transit center by the mall to Frazier Park, so that is another good option for me as well. My brother’s spare bedroom will be a solid place to crash when needed.

States, counties, cities, are all starting to reopen different businesses and activities. Of course, we are all waiting for the go play baseball order. It is a good sign that all this is happening.  Still holding onto the June 22 start date for summer morning baseball camp.  Going to continue to work on games for July.

Roster information- Next week we will post 3 rosters for the summer. Varsity, JV Gold, and JV Navy. Varsity will be the players at this time that will compete this summer to grab a fall varsity spot. JV Gold will be the players who are not varsity level at this time but will be moving forward in the program. JV Navy are the athletes we have that are looking to show this summer that they should have a spot on one of the fall rosters. Player cuts will be done at the end of the summer program.

I will be setting up a zoom meeting with incoming freshmen parents and players for next Monday at 7pm. We got a list of 24 incoming freshmen who are interested in baseball. Looking forward to meeting all the new Wildcat families.

Starting back up with my online Canadian tour takes coach Wife and I to Eagle Canyon Adventures and Ouimet Canyon Provincial Park.

Stay healthy and stay safe!

Tuesday May 5, 2020

We will have a player Zoom meeting (all grade levels at once) at 10am on Friday. No Zoom meetings until then. Here is the Friday morning Zoom link-

I am still updating using my cell phone, so this will be short and quick again today.

There continues to be news, plans, thoughts, concerns, etc... about opening the state. Getting some businesses open. Schools back in session. So, I remain optimistic about starting baseball June 22!

Stay safe everyone. Hopefully, I have internet tomorrow.


Monday May 4, 2020

Congrats to senior infielder Ryan Farr for signing with Cal Lutheran University to play baseball next year. Coach Slimak of the Kingsmen is getting a fantastic player and person.

May the 4th be with you. Good seeing/chatting with the parents tonight. Coach Cardamone and Coach Sreden jumped in the zoom meeting as well.

I am still having internet issues at the new house. So, I will be short again tonight with this update as I am using my phone.

I have moved the fall/winter schedule for next year onto the main fall webpage HERE. You can follow my progress.

Stay safe everyone!

Sunday May 3, 2020

Lindgreen baby boy Van is doing great, so is mom and Coach Lindgreen. Still updating from my cell phone, hope the picture of Van makes it to the web.

Parent meeting tonight tomorrow night at 7pm. Here is the zoom link-

No senior meeting today, I am getting internet service installed at my new home this afternoon. I will have a zoom meeting later this week for all players, regardless of their grade level. Date and time to be annonced. So no noon player meetings this week.

Hope all is well, see the parents tomorrow night!

Stay Safe!

Saturday May 2, 2020

The Lindgreen Family welcomed Van to the world tonight. Mom and baby are healthy and doing great. Van's dad is exhausted. More info coming tomorrow.

Updating the web page from my phone in the mountains, slow but doable. Parent Meeting Monday night. Zoom link tomorrow night.

Have a great Sunday!

Stay safe everyone.

Friday May 1, 2020

I think it took 2 years to get done with the month of April.

This week would have ended our Foothill League play with our senior day honoring our 8 seniors. Playoffs next week.

No Lindgreen baby boy yet… Sounds like they are set to go get him at 10am tomorrow if no excitement tonight.

Congrats to Nicholas Perez for making the Southern Section D1 all senior team. Some amazing names on that list. Proud of Nicholas and his amazing career at West Ranch.

T-Dog got word his UPS route will be around Hwy 126 and Hasley Cyn. Go T!!!

Got keys to our new house today. Move starts early tomorrow. Will be a long day, but totally worth it. Mountain living and a commute in our future.

I am off to bed. The movers will be here at the crack of dawn. Appreciate all the kind words of support and encouragement.

Stay safe everyone.

Thursday April 30, 2020

No Lindgreen baby boy yet…

Faculty and department meetings for me tomorrow. Of course, some more grading that never ends. Then Coach Wife and I get keys to our new house in the afternoon and we will make a 4 car run up to the new house for our first delivery of Burrill stuff. Saturday morning the movers come and take care of all the big items. Saturday will be our first night in the woods. We are excited and nervous all at the same time. It has been a journey, and we are hoping for a smooth weekend of moving. My family of 4 has only known the SCV as home. It is the best place to raise a family!

My next zoom meeting will be Monday night with the parents at 7pm. Zoom link will be online Sunday night.

Canadian online adventure takes the Burrills to beautiful Theunder Bay on the edge of Lake Superior.

From my family to yours, we hope you are safe and healthy! Me miss you all!

Wednesday April 29, 2020

No Lindgreen baby boy yet…

Reminder, no player noon zoom meetings this week with Coach Casey Burrill. Next zoom meeting will be Monday "May the 4th be with you", 7pm with the parents.

You can follow my future scheduling progress with the links below-
2020- Summer Schedule- HERE
2020- Summer SCV Tourney- HERE
2020-21 Fall/Winter schedule- HERE
2021 Spring Schedule- HERE

It is looking like our Hart District will hold summer school classes online. I do not like hearing that. Riverside County extended their "safer at home" orders until June 19. That is not good news. I continue to plan like we can use the baseball field on Monday June 22.

There is talk about starting the school year sooner, maybe late July or start of August. That works, just as long as we can start baseball too. All this stuff makes my head spin. So many emotions. It will pass, it will pass...

Today Coach Wife and I are in Kakabeka Falls Ontario. The online Canadian journey continues. This virtual trip wil be a real life Burrill RV journey one day for sure.

Stay safe everyone, I miss you!

Tuesday April 28, 2020

No Lindgreen baby boy yet…

The 12-car varsity underclassman caravan went out last night to honor the 2020 seniors. Just fantastic! Each senior received a collage poster, you can see them by following the link HERE. Well done varsity parents and players! There just can't be a better high school baseball family.

Reminder, no player noon zoom meetings this week with Coach Casey Burrill. Next zoom meeting will be Monday May the 4th be with you, 7pm with the parents.

There is chatter that start of the school year may be moved up next year to recover some of the instruction time lost this semester. I just want the all clear. I want to play baseball, teach my classes, and have everything back to normal. I do not care when we start the school year. I continue to plan for future baseball.

You can follow my future scheduling progress with the links below-
2020- Summer Schedule- HERE
2020- Summer SCV Tourney- HERE
2020-21 Fall/Winter schedule- HERE
2021 Spring Schedule- HERE

Grades should be available for everyone in Infinite Campus. We just turned in the 15-week progress grades. All baseball players should have a 4.0+. There is no excuse. Let me know if I can help in any way.

Went into work today, WR is a Ghost Town. Uncomfortable. Here are some pictures of the field. The facility is overgrown and not fit for baseball. We will have some work to do when we get the go ahead to play.

I can speak with incoming freshmen and their parents starting May 1st.  So I will reach out to them and do a zoom meeting sometime next week.  We welcome you all to The Ranch. Wish it was under different circumstances, but this will eventually pass.

I am moving East on my virtual Canadian Tour, today we hit Voyageurs National Park for some hiking, swimming, and touring.

Stay safe everyone! Miss you all!


Monday April 27, 2020

No Lindgreen baby boy yet…

UPDATE- I will not be available for player meetings at noon the rest of this week. I will start zoom meetings again next week on May 4th with a parent meeting at 7pm.

There are many senior events being planned by our school and our baseball program. Details will be made available soon. Do not forget to save the online date for our year ending Awards Ceremony. Scheduled for May 27 at 7pm.

Continuing to make progress for our upcoming schedules. It sure has been fun to connect with my coaching friends. Great to hear their voices and commiserate together. We are laughing and crying all at the same time. One thing is for sure, we feel horrible for our seniors.

You can follow my scheduling progress with the links below-
2020- Summer Schedule- HERE
2020- Summer SCV Tourney- HERE
2020-21 Fall/Winter schedule- HERE
2021 Spring Schedule- HERE

I turned in grades today. My students have been resilient and almost all of them are cranking out amazing work. All our baseball players should have a 4.0+ this semester. There is no excuse. Contact me if anyone needs help with school related issues.

Tomorrow I will have a chance to work on the field and in my classroom. I am looking forward to it. I will post pictures tomorrow night. Last time I was there it looked like a scene from The Walking Dead. Eerie stuff. The field and my classroom were frozen in time.

Canadian road trip has Coach Wife and I in Ontario at Nester Falls. The amount of lakes and rivers in lower Ontario is unbelievable.

Stay safe my friends. I miss you!

Sunday April 26, 2020

No Lindgreen baby boy yet…

Coach Wife birthday today, some of her co-workers from Placerita JrHS did a drive-bye. What a great gesture! It was fun to see her friends and just chat with them for a while. I miss face-to-face conversations.

I will meet with the seniors tomorrow at noon on zoom, here is the link-

West Ranch dead period officially moved.  It is now June 8-21. This means no sports or activities on campus for those first 2 weeks of summer.  We will start our morning summer camp on Monday June 22, and it will go for 4 weeks ending on Thursday July 16.  We will hold camp Monday – Thursday, we will now have Fridays off. Varsity and JV will be 7:30-9am, and incoming freshmen will go 8:30-10am. Sign-up cost and other information coming soon. Because of the move of the dead period, we will not play any games at any level until the weekend of July 11. Follow the latest confirmed information on our summer page HERE.

Next school year baseball game schedules are in production, you can view these unpublished pages to follow my progress. I hope to have them completed by the emd of May.
2020-21 Fall/Winter schedule- HERE
Spring 2021- HERE

I have been given permission to go to the field on Tuesday. I will mow again. Picture will be online Tuesday night.

Keeping up with the virtual Burrill’s cruising Canada…  Next stop is Nopiming Provincial Park.  Stunning lakes with amazing hikes.

Stay safe my friends, look forward to being with you all at Wildcat field!

2020 Varsity Underclassmen Visited All the Seniors Tonight With a Drive-By Salute

Each Senior Was Presented With a Picture Poster

View the Senior Posters HERE

Saturday April 25, 2020

No Lindgreen baby yet...

Made some progress today on the Varsity 2021 spring schedule. You can follow my progress HERE. We are back in the Easton Tourney and we picked-up a couple great out of league/tourney games already. The National Classic tournament does not match up with our spring break.  We do not get a chance to defend our title! I am on a hunt for a spring break tournament now.

Congratulations to Brandon Wyre for being voted onto the Prom Court. Check out the school social media for videos and other content. Coach Wife and I would have chaperoned the prom tonight, we think it would have been our 22nd prom. COVID-19 sucks.

The online Canadian adventure has Coach Wife and I on a walk at Seine River Greenway’s Trail in Winnipeg.

Stay safe everyone. Miss you!

Friday April 24, 2020

Today we were supposed to play Valencia for the last time this spring, leaving us with just 2 more spring games. Senior day would be next Wednesday April 28 against Golden Valley. So curious how the Foothill League would have played out. Our pre-season schedule was the most difficult in school history, and our preparation was second to none. Our 2020 undefeated (3-0) league season is what it is. Can’t help to think there was more… I sure believed in our squad and was excited to move deeper into league play and beyond.

Tomorrow is the due date for little Lindgreen. When I hear any intel, I will post on this website. The Lindgreen sisters are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their little brother. Coach T-Dog completed his UPS driver training and is now a fully credentialed 22.4 combo driver. Well done T! All the WR baseball coaches are safe and healthy. They miss the baseball program and all of you!

I am thrilled that our senior baseball players wanting to continue to play ball in 2021 are finding homes for next year. Well done men, what a resilient group! Even our seniors becoming civilians and hanging up the spikes, are finding their way. We are proud of our 2020 seniors!

Do not forget our year ending awards ceremony will be online Wednesday May 27 at 7pm.  Join us for the celebration and year in review.

Teachers are turning in grades this weekend. This is the 15-week progress report. Only 5 weeks left of the 2019-2020 year.  Honestly, I am ready for this school year to just go away. All our players should have a 4.0, there is no excuse now. Let me know if anyone needs any help with their academics.

Keep checking the summer schedule page for new information and changing dates. Still waiting for the official move of the summer camps to June 22.

Burrill family is now 1 week away from our move to 6,500 feet. Excited and busy preparing.

Virtual Canadian tour takes Coach Wife and I to Winnipeg. We will visit the Museum for Human Rights, Assiniboine Zoo, Royal Canadian Mint, and Manitoba Museum.

Enjoy your weekend. Recharge for another historic week sponsored by COVID-19.

Thursday April 23, 2020

2 Days away from due date for Baby Lindgreen. We do know a boy is on the way. Updates will be posted here on our website.

Got a chance to visit the baseball field today. Mowed the infield grass and dragged the dirt. You all know I do not have a green thumb; however, this morning was magical. Just to be on the field as the sun was coming up was therapeutic. The smell of the grass, the fresh air, the familiar surroundings, man I miss baseball and everything that goes with it. I miss the ping of the bat, roar of the crowd, pitchers working, infielders diving, outfielders throwing, catchers getting dirty, and even bad umpire calls. Baseball cannot return soon enough.

I have a faculty meeting tomorrow morning and then my department meeting, each on zoom. I assume we will receive information on grading, graduation, and moving the WR sports dead period. Grades are due this weekend, so make sure all our players have their grades updated and all assignments are in.

Oh Canada…  After stops at Prince Albert and Saskatoon, Coach Wife and I are off to Moose Jaw. We will partake in both “Tunnels of Moose Jaw” tours.

Stay the course. Keep your family healthy and safe. I have hope that I will see everyone soon.

Wednesday April 22, 2020

Enjoyed my meeting with the sophomores today, I will meet with the freshmen tomorrow using this link-

Tomorrow I am going to try and work on the field. I promised my admin I would do it alone.  Would love help, but the campus is closed. So please do not come my way. I will post pictures tomorrow night.

The weather is finally starting to feel like baseball season. Some sunshine and heat. This will make me miss baseball even more. Looking back on this lost season, the rain would have made this spring super challenging.

Keep checking the summer page. As there are official changes, I will post them and make adjustments to the schedules.

Congrats on the West Ranch family, as the national rankings have our school in the top 5% in the country. This is includes all high schools, both private and public. What an accomplishment. You all had a part in it and should be proud.

My Canadian online adventure continues, tonight I am in Prince Albert and will travel to Saskatoon tomorrow.

Stay safe everyone, and take care of others!

Tuesday April 21, 2020

Good chatting with the juniors today. Sophomores tomorrw using this link-

Check out our summer schedule for changes. Once camp or games are officially moved, then the summer schedule will reflect it. There is now a lot of movement regarding WR Baseball summer plans.

West Ranch HS received some high marks from US News and World Report. It is nice to be recognized for the efforts of the students, faculty, and community. We all know how special a place WRHS is, but always reassuring to have it verified by an outside source. Our West Ranch family should be proud!

Thursday, I get to go to the field and mow the infield. I don’t have a green thumb, but for some reason I am especially excited to do some yard work!  I promised I would go alone, so please resist the temptation to come help. I will take pictures.

My Canadian virtual adventure continues. A long hike to Grey Owl’s Cabin in Prince Albert National Park is on the itinerary today.

Please stay safe and healthy. I miss all of you and can’t wait to get the all clear to play the game we love!

Monday April 20, 2020

Great talking to the seniors and the parents today. Love seeing everyone. Wish it was at WR.

Tomorrow I will meet with the Juniors, here is the link-

Summer is changing, daily now. Morning camp might start June 22 instead of June 8. If this happens, we will be canceling all games and tournaments in June. We would then have camp go for 4 weeks instead of 3 weeks. Monday - Thursday 7:30-9am. Last camp date would be Thursday July 16. Waiting for WR admin to confirm. You can keep up with confirmed changes and info HERE.

We have also moved our annual SCV Tournament to July 10-13. We are getting great reaction to this tournament with several schools committing to play and many college coaches and pro scouts asking to attend. The tourney we host will be a labor of love and is a work in progress. We have jumped into the Oarnage County Dana Hills Tourney the following weekend July 17 & 18.

JV games will be schedule in July as well. We will keep updating the summer page.

Incoming freshmen camp may start June 22 as well. If this happens, we will go for 4 weeks instead of 3 weeks. Monday - Thursday 8:30-10am. Last date would be Thursday July 16.

If any of the above changes conflict with vacations, that is OK. Enjoy your vacation. All is good. We will see you before and after your travels.

My Canadian virtual tour takes East of Edmonton and up to Prince Albert National Park.

Stay safe and hang in there!

Sunday April 19, 2020

Looking forward to chatting with the seniors tomorrow at noon.  Here is the senior meeting link-

Parent meeting tomorrow night at 7pm. Topics will include new summer plans and our senior online awards night.  Here is the meeting link-

I must have my picture taken at the statue of my favorite athlete Wayne Gretzky. HERE is info about the statue.

Look forward to all our zoom meetings this week.

Be safe everyone!

Saturday April 18, 2020

My nephew Blake’s birthday today and my mother-in-law made her famous taco dinner to celebrate.  So, we went and picked up the meal and ate back at the Burrill Bunker.  Delicious as always.

Coach Lindgreen child #3 is due April 25.  They are ready and are in full prep mode.  Coach Lindgreen will be able to be with his wife during labor and birth.  He just can’t leave the hospital, once he does he can’t go back.  I will keep you all posted!

T-Dog continues to pass all his testing with UPS to become a driver.  Very excited for him.  Coach Imbert started a real estate position and is excited for his new job.

Other coaches are bored but safe and healthy. They miss baseball and all of you!

My Canadian online adventure takes me to the city of Edmonton and North America’s largest mall- Visit HERE.

No new updates today for West Ranch Baseball.  I will chat with all the parents Monday night at 7pm. Topics will include new summer plans and our senior online awards night.  Here is the meeting link-

I will chat with the seniors on Monday at noon.  Here is the senior meeting link-

Have a great Sunday and I will chat with everyone during the week.

Stay safe everyone!

Friday April 17, 2020

We have officially postponed our JV early June trip to Las Vegas.  If you paid for a room at the South Point, you will get a full refund.  We are going to also work on moving our Varsity June 6-7 tourney.  Details coming soon.  As of now morning summer camps for Varsity/JV and incoming freshmen are still on.  Camp starts Monday June 8.  Crossing my fingers that this date will hold.  IF we can start on June 8 with practices and go for a week or two, I believe we could then start to play some games in the middle of June.  That is our current plan.

Had our faculty meeting this morning.  Department meeting in the afternoon.  Lots of discussion on grading policy now that we are on extended distant learning.  Also some ideas are being thrown around for graduation and check-out issues like text books, chrome books, uniforms, PE lockers, yearbooks, etc…  Admin working on all these issues. Graded a bunch today, student work still looks really good. My students are all hanging in there. Miss them.

Learned all about septic tanks today after our new house had it's septic inspection and cleaning.  Kinda gross and interesting all at the same time.  Who knew?!?

Canadian tour continues, up to Jasper we go!  This is my favorite spot so far.  Bucket list location for sure.

Parent meeting on Monday on at 7pm.

Stay stay my friends!

Thursday April 16, 2020

Good chat with the freshmen today.  They all look great.  Monday April 20 we will have our 3rd distance learning parent meeting, 7pm on Zoom.  Look for a link on my Sunday night blog.

LA City schools have already canceled all summer on campus events.  There is chatter from government officials that our “safer at home” orders may be extended into the end of summer.  Our school district is already hinting towards online summer school.  I just don’t like where this is going.  I am not confident in a June baseball start.  We are going to postpone the JV Las Vegas trip June 5-7.  Make-up dates TBA.  Summer schedule online will be updated soon.  Good chance we move the Varsity tournament we were going to host on the first weekend in June.  Our arms will not be ready to host 3-4 games that weekend.  When we return to baseball, there will need to be great care given to our arms.

Senior baseball awards ceremony is now in full swing.  Date and time coming soon.  As I have talked to all the players this week, they agree it is the right event to proceed with.  We will be handing out our scholarship awards as well.

Make sure you are following the West Ranch High School social media accounts. We have started featuring West Ranch seniors from all spring sports. 

You should watch tomorrow's WRTV virtual show at noon- Watch HERE.

The Burrill family move to the mountains continues to press on.  So far so good.  Days moving quicker now as I have a daily list of tasks to complete.

Continuing my virtual tour of Canada, tonight I visited the following Calgary locations- Heritage Park Museum, Calgary Zoo, Glenbow Museum, Calgary Tower, and the Studio Bell.

Stay home, stay safe, and stay healthy!  I miss you!

Wednesday April 15, 2020

Chatted with the Sophomores today, tomorrow I will meet with the Freshmen here-

West Ranch baseball coaches have decided to hold an awards ceremony honoring our 8 seniors. We will live stream on the internet. Date and time TBA. Our four scholarship awards will be handed out as well.

Make sure you are following the West Ranch High School social media accounts.  We have started featuring West Ranch seniors from all spring sports.

The first weekend in June for the JV in Las Vegas has been postponed.  I will update the baseball website soon to reflect this change.  Varsity hosts a tournament that same weekend and we are deciding if we should postpone our event.

After 20+ years with ATT, our family switched to Verizon today.  All 4 family phones.  Verizon employee Edward was awesome, but what a long process.  We were able to keep our phone numbers.  Out some cash, but there is no ATT cell reception in Pine Mountain Club.  Our family had no cell service this evening for 5 hours while making the switch, the horror!

Found civilization today in Canada as we headed into Calgary.  So of course, it is time for the world-famous Calgary Stampede.

Stay safe everyone.  Can’t wait to see all the players on the field.

Shelter in Place!

Tuesday April 14, 2020

Enjoyed my time with the Juniors today, tomorrow I will meet with the Sophomores here-

Made a Costco run to get Papa Burrill’s meds. Painless trip, Coach Wife and I went around 5:30pm and Costco was not busy.  Dad is re-stocked.

Several So Cal high school baseball coaches have started a movement for all-league and all-CIF selections. Only seniors would be eligible. The West Ranch coaching staff supports this movement.

West Ranch baseball coaches have decided to hold an awards ceremony honoring our 8 seniors. We will live stream on the internet. Date and time TBA. Our four scholarship awards will be handed out as well. This event is a work in progress, details coming soon.

My family is starting to pack now at a faster pace. May 2nd is the move date.  Hired a moving company to take the big items up to Pine Mountain Club. We are excited. Days are going quicker now because I have something to do. But I am exhausted. Out of shape. Three weeks of eating and watching TV has taken it’s toll.

In Canada on my virtual trip I climbed Mount Yamnuska today. Breathtaking views!

Stay safe everyone.  I miss you!

Monday April 13, 2020

We were back to school today. Great interacting with all my students. I miss them terribly.
Several of our seniors are finding their way to college baseball destinations. We will share later this month. But it is exciting talking to them as they plan for fall 2020. Tomorrow I will meet online with the Juniors at noon-

Our first summer weekend of JV baseball is in jeopardy. I will know more in about a week. The coaches in Las Vegas are looking to push back their summer tournaments. This would mean that our JV summer players would not travel to Las Vegas the first weekend of June. We were planning on staying at the South Point and playing three games for each of our two JV teams. Once this is official, I will post with more information. As of now, our Varsity tournament at West Ranch for June 6 & 7 is still on.

LA City schools have now canceled gatherings of any kind on their campuses for the entire summer. This of course, would include sports. Our district is rumored to be discussing online summer school. So, we will see how this all shakes out for our baseball summer. West Ranch Baseball is still committed to a summer baseball program in any form.

Baseball coaches are still working on a “ceremony” that would honor our seniors. They are the ones that were robbed of the most enjoyable time of their high school career. We will roll out some details here when plans are solidified.

I am hoping to make a run to the baseball field next week. There is chatter that West Ranch will have a day where teachers can go back to their classrooms. As difficult as it has been, I have done my part. Staying home and only venturing out for food. And of course, the occasional walk for Max around the neighborhood. I wonder what our field looks like after all that rain? I will take pictures and post here.

My Canada tour continues to Grassi Lakes and Ha Ling Peak both just outside of Canmore. I am just west of Calgary.

Hope everyone is safe and healthy.

Stay home!

Sunday April 12, 2020

Hope everyone had a great Easter Sunday. I will meet with the seniors tomorrow at noon-

Today was full contacting friends and family. I heard from several WR Baseball alumni, coaches, and parents. Great catching-up with all of them. Had a chance to chat with some former teammates, roommates, and classmates. Everyone is doing well. Positive and upbeat.

My virtual Canadian trip continues. Another hike today, Bow Glacier Falls.  Watch Video HERE.

Tomorrow school starts again, and the never-ending flow of emails start. Zero complaints, just honored to be working with my students and thankful for a paycheck.
Coach Wife continues to make a bunch of food for us.  Today was no different.  We did get a couple thoughtful deliveries.  My niece dropped off some cookies.  Corey’s girlfriend delivered some freshly baked bread.  Delicious! 

Team Grandpa needs some supplies, so Coach Wife and I will head out sometime tomorrow to Costco where his prescriptions are filled. Dad is still doing well. Says he feels great and has plenty to keep himself busy.  He has not stepped out of his house since all the craziness started. He is losing track of time and can be entertaining to chat with.

Let’s have a great week!

Hang in there and spread some cheer!

Saturday April 11, 2020

Ordered La Cocina take-out tonight. Delicious of course. There was a line to grab and pay! Love that they are busy and will make it. Feel for their servers who are not working. We frequent the restaurant often; they have such friendly workers who know us by name.

It is a holiday week/weekend, enjoy the festivities and my best to you and your loved ones.
More pictures and videos came in from the baseball parents today. I really appreciate these captured moments, more then you know. West Ranch baseball players are still working on their craft. Lifting weights, hitting, throwing, running, arm care, reading mental toughness articles, and watching instructional videos were all moments caught by the parents and sent my way. It inspires me. Our boys are so resilient. And the creativity in a time like this is amazing.

The Burrill’s can’t resist. We have started to do some packing. But really, we are purging. Feels great to part ways with so many items we just never use. We stop and look at old mementos and photographs. All seems like just yesterday. Our family has come so far and the future is bright. Just got to get past this pandemic. We will.

Hiked up to devil’s thumb above Lake Louise today. Watch video HERE.

Back to school next week. New material and some assignments added for my students. No baseball parent meeting Monday. I will meet with Seniors Monday at noon. Make sure all our players are completing the fitness log and watching videos in baseball class Google Classroom.

Have a great holiday tomorrow. Love you all!

Missing the daily grind…

Friday April 10, 2020

Thinking of these guys today...

Waiting to hear about senior "Plan B" activities for yearbook, grad night, prom, senior awards, and graduation. I believe our school/district will put something together. Even if these events happen virtually. I know it is not the same, but times have changed. There needs to be some closure to their high school careers. Administration is working on it. Timing is everything, as we all just received extended shelter in place orders. May 15 is now the mandate.

In my weekly meetings with the players, I have stressed to the boys about staying physical and moving. I am getting a bunch of workout pictures and videos from their parents. Keep them coming. Players inspired me to get on our stationary bike today. Poor bike...

In Banff Canada it is time to hike Twin Cairns-Meadow Park / Sunshine Meadows Loop. Video HERE.

Some of you have been asking about our move. As you know, our house is in Escrow and "seems" to be moving forward, even in these strange economic times. With the sale we will be able to cover all our college costs as Kari graduated last semester form CS Channel Islands and Corey graduates this semester from USC.

In looking for a new Burrill home, we have decided to hit the highways and join the many teachers at West Ranch who commute. Several WR staff members commute from Burbank, San Fernando Valley, Simi Valley, Frazier Park, Vasquez, Palmdale, etc... Most say it is a positive esperience because they love where they live. Coach Wife and I have always wanted to call the mountains home, so we have decided on a house in Pine Mountain Club. Now we can hike right out our backdoor. Hopefully both sales will go smooth and by the end of April we will be making the trip up the 5. Coaching and teaching at WR will not change. Just a 50min commute added to the day. Shoot, you all know where I live now in Canyon Country, at 4pm or later it takes me 40min to navigate Santa Clarita. We are excited and nervous. If all goes well, I will not be bored anymore, as I will be packing.

Looking forward to the day I am on Wildcat Field with the West Ranch players and coaches. I am miserable without baseball.

Stay safe everyone and take care of others in this difficult time!

I miss all of you!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday April 9, 2020

Chatted with the freshmen today, always good to see the youngsters. Discussed starting baseball in June. That is still the plan. Fingers crossed.

I continue to receive emails and texts of our players working out and doing other family activities. Really, this communication has been amazing! I so miss all the players. No competition with these fine young men is killing me. So much time, energy, money, and passion went into the preparation for the 2020 spring season. Dang it!

Tomorrow is Friday… right?!?! Spring break is coming to an end. Usually spring break races past, but not this year. Slooowwww.

Coach Wife and I made a Sam's Club run late tonight, just before they closed. No one there, much better. No horded items, but plenty of food which is what we were chasing. Hit Walmart last week mid-morning, what a disaster. People everywhere. Very uncomfortable.

I really need to go to Lake Louise and Moraine Lake HERE

Stay safe my friends!

Wednesday April 8, 2020

Chatted with the sophomores today, look forward to seeing the freshmen tomorrow. Here is the freshmen meeting link-

Spring break in the Burrill Bunker is good, of course not ideal. We are still playing a bunch of games, watching Netflix, and playing video games. Most of these activities are together as a family. We have laughed and cried. But I can honestly say, this family time has been the most positive thing to come from these desperate times. Our family of four has never been closer. I pray that all of you are experiencing the same.

Shout out to all our first responders and medical workers. You are all my heroes!

Staying in Glacier National Park Canada style for a while. I cannot wait to get there one day and hike!

Love you all, stay safe!

Tuesday April 7, 2020

Chatted with the juniors today, look forward to seeing the sophomores tomorrow. Here is the sophomore meeting link-

When it wasn't raining, I was walking the dog. Good to be outside. We have our supplies for the next 10-14 days as all the government officials are saying this is a critical time of not going to the stores. So we will do our part.

Appreciate all the emails and text updates. Love seeing how everyone is doing. Keep them coming! Pictures and videos especially appreciated.

Canadian trip update- made it to Glacier National Park Canada!

See the sophomores tomorrow. Have a great rest of your spring break!

Stay safe everyone, miss you! Much love from the Burrill Bunker...

Monday April 6, 2020

It was good seeing everyone in the parent meeting tonight and the seniors earlier in the day. Tomorrow I will meet with the Juniors at 12pm. Here is the link-

I am in Kamloops Canada now following the Trans-Canada Hwy 1. Beautiful!

I hope everyone enjoys their spring break!

Best to all!

Stay inside!

Sunday April 5, 2020

It was good Sunday, quiet and relaxing. Assuming more of these tyoe of days coming...

Getting a bunch done on the computer for my classes and summer baseball.  I am still moving forward with the June baseball schedule, but I am now putting together a July back-up plan as well.  There is really no guidance yet on CIF dead period removal/change and our baseball morning camps. Just too much unknown at this time. So, I am making sure our summer is flexible if we have to make changes to it.

Tomorrow meetings will have passwords to get in.  I will give out the 7pm parent password via Mrs. Callahan and the Remind App.  The 12pm senior meeting password will be sent to them via group text message.

7pm Parent Meeting Link-

12pm Senior Meeting-

Sounds like the news about the virus next couple weeks will be bad. I am praying and hoping for the best. My family will double down to not leave the house.

I am enjoying my virtual trip across Canada, traveling West to East focusing on hiking trails. One day Coach Wife and I will make it up there in the Burrill Motorhome (we have named our future rig- The Tantive IV). Took in YouTube videos about Vancouver area and hikes at- Stawamus Chief Provincial Park, Watersprite Lake Trail, and a trip to the Sea to Sky Gondola.

Anyways, enough about me. How is everyone doing?  Stir crazy? Learning something new and using your time wisely? Enjoying family? Keep me updated. I enjoy the emails and texts.

Take care everyone.  Hunker Down and Fight On!

Saturday April 4, 2020

First day of spring break! Varsity would heave been at the National Classic BBQ and Home Run Contest today. Remember when Jagger Rusconi took the HR Derby contest in 2015? Here is a video of his performance with Coach Brady Burrill on the bump- YouTube Video

Speaking of Coach Brady Burril, we were able to see him and his family today. We did a drive-by. They hung out in their driveway and we stayed in the car on the street. Was nice to have a conversation where we could see someone without a video screen. Ordered take-out from Chi-Chi's last night for dinner. Fantastic. Otherwise, a fairly lazy day. I will need to move and accomplish more tomorrow.

Hope you are all safe and healthy!

Have a great Sunday!

Friday April 3, 2020

I am still struggling to come to grips with no finish to our season. My heart breaks for the seniors. Eight amazing young men who are destined for greatness.

Grading for this week is done. My AP computer science students are amazing. They are continuing their education with minimal problems. The future of our country is in good hands!

Off to spring break I go! I will continue to post each day. Looking forward to "traveling" to Canada. Online of course. I will post pictures.

Spring break should be a return to the National Classic Baseball Tournament to defend our 2019 title! We will have to try and defend the title in 2021. HERE is a link to our National Classic webpage to travel down memory lane and think of what would have been this next week.

Stay safe everyone! I truly miss all of you!

Thursday April 2, 2020

Official, no onsite school for the remainder of the semester. Felt this coming. We will still have school, there will still be grades, and distance learning will be the lasting legacy of this unbelievable school year.

Spring baseball season is officially canceled. I have no words. I am going stir crazy. I miss everyone, I think that is the hardest part. Players, students, coaches, staff, families, coworkers, opponents, media, and even the umpires are sorely missed. June baseball is on. Crossing my fingers and hoping that will be our return to Wildcat Field.

We will have a 2020 banquet. I do not know how or when... I will keep you updated here. meetings will continue during spring break. Next parent meeting will be Monday night 7pm. I will continue my weekly meetings with the players at lunch (noon)- Seniors Monday, Juniors Tuesday, Sophomores Wednesday, and Freshmen Thursday.

Well, tomorrow faculty meeting, department meeting, and then help students with their work. Then off to spring break. I think I will travel virtually this year. Maybe an online trip to Canada? What will you and your family be doing?

Stay safe everyone! Enjoy your staycation!

Wednesday April 1, 2020

No April's Fool joke today. Still avoiding people.

Zoom meeting with the Sophomores today. They all looked and sounded great. Some new haircuts! Fantastic!

Here is the link for the Freshmen tomorrow-

Announcement from the district about finishing the school year online has to be coming soon. If we do not go back to school this semester, then we will find a new date and location for a "banquet". We can still honor our seniors and celebrate all the time and energy we put into the year.

Stay safe everyone. Hang in there!

Tuesday March 31, 2020

Last day of March. April Fool’s Day is tomorrow. Sure would be nice if someone would just come out and say all this madness was just a big joke.

I will meet with the Sophomores tomorrow on zoom. Here is the link-

Today I saw Coach Brady Burrill at West Ranch. Saw my sister Mitzi. Each from a distance but it was great to see them both. I miss so many people.

My family sat out on our driveway with our lawn chairs and watched people taking walks and getting their dogs out of the house. Was fun to talk to the neighbors. This pandemic is affecting people in so many ways.

Looks more and more like we will finish the semester away from West Ranch. Waiting for an official announcement from our district. If that happens, a bunch of decisions will need to be made in terms of activities, sports, graduation, etc... As I hear, I will let you all know.

Take care everyone!  And check on your neighbors!


Monday March 30, 2020

I will meet with the Juniors Tuesday at noon, here is the zoom link-

Connected with my students today. All 3 online classes are running smoothly. Web Design 1, Web Design 2, and AP Computer Science all seem to be going well. Students are on top of their work and the communication has been fantastic.

My son Corey is finishing his last semester at USC, and he had his first online midterm this afternoon. A timed test that locked him out of the rest of the computer functions. I assume as our teachers at WR start to give assessments they will use a similar tool.

We are keeping our distance from others. Our little Burrill pack of 4 do everything together. But there are times when we need our space, and everyone has found a room to hide. My children miss their significant others, and I feel for them. But we are staying strong and the 4 of us have made a pact to distance ourselves.

I have taken the time to reach out electronically to old friends. I would never have had the time to do so. It has been amazing to catch-up with so many wonderful people who I do not communicate with anymore. And the only reason I have not had past contact is because I have declared myself too busy. Find someone you miss and reach out to them.  You will be glad you did.

Talked to the WR baseball seniors this afternoon. We discussed the changing college baseball landscape. And sure enough, it changed just a few hours after we chatted. College baseball seniors have the option of returning for another season of baseball. It will be interesting to see what that means for our WRHS baseball seniors. More details and information are coming from the NCAA.  College baseball coaches are looking for more recruiting instructions.

MLB trying to figure out the draft. One rumor is just 15 rounds. If that is the case, then that sends even more young players into the college baseball mix. Suddenly, the college baseball rosters become super competitive.

I am looking forward to the next baseball practice. Hopefully in early May. I say my baseball prayers each night.

Stay inside my friends!

Sunday March 29, 2020

As you probably noticed, I have an archive now for all my older daily updates. The home page of the baseball site was getting too cluttered and way too long. HERE is the archive link.

Took a nice 6 1/2 mile hike up and around Castaic Lake this morning. Most of you know Coach Wife, Max, and I have a Sunday morning crew who we hike with. You would know either via the parent meetings or Facebook. Feel free to add me as a friend if you want. I am kinda boring on Facebook, but I get tagged a bunch. This morning our hiking crew got after it, but it was different, we all arrived and started our hike at 10 minute staggered start times. First hiker went out at 6:30am. Coach Wife, Max, our son Corey, and I had the last time slot at 7:40am. It was hilarious, we saw most of our friends from a distance and yelled and waved. We have a spot where we typically take a group picture with the lake in the background. So, we all stopped there, at different times of course, and took a selfie. Everyone left rocks, sticks, or pinecones where they had stood. You just can't make this stuff up. Will this virus please go away? I miss all my peeps!! Extended family, students, friends, baseball players, etc... I insanely miss everyone!!

Photoshop version below...

Tomorrow I will zoom with the seniors at noon. Here is the link-

Next parent Zoom meeting will be at 7pm a week from tomorrow on April 6.

Teachers can go to school on Tuesday this week. We have been told it will be the last time for while. Sigh... I signed-up for a time slot and can be there for just 50min. Baseball field is calling me. Social Disatancing will be enforced.

"Enjoy" our 3rd week of flattening the curve. I believe it will take all of us to observe social distancing for the curve to flatten. The Burrill's are doing their part!

Have a wonderful week, of course it will be what you make of it!

Saturday March 28, 2020

Went hiking in SCV, didn't see others. Social distancing easy, thought maybe there would be more people on the trail because it is Saturday. Got 5 miles in.

Still laying low. No trips out of the house other than the hike with Coach Wife and Max. Netflix and food. Losing track of days as students send me work to grade around the clock. So, I grade around the clock. All good, making it work.

No news on the school or baseball fronts. I will sign-off for today. Have a great Sunday everyone. See the Seniors Monday at noon on Zoom.

No baseball is slowly killing me…

Love and miss you all!

Friday March 27, 2020

2 weeks today since I have seen my students and all the baseball players. Feels like it has been 2 years.  The days go so slow…

Had our faculty meeting today via and a department meeting in the afternoon. Great to see and chat with all my co-workers.

Went out to Sam’s Club this evening to grab some items, solid food choices in the evening, but no hoarded items available.  I guess to get those products you have to wait in line early in the morning.  We are just not at that point yet in the Burrill Bunker.  But plenty of food. And no one in the store at 8pm, so social distancing was easy. Coach Wife and I wore masks and took hand sanitizer with us. Trying to do things right.

Stay safe everyone, enjoy some family time. Start a hobby. Read a book. We will get passed this.

Love and miss you all!

Thursday March 26, 2020

I have now video conferenced with all the players and parents. Appreciate everyone participating in the meetings. We will keep meetings at noon with seniors Monday, Juniors Tuesday, Sophomore on Wednesday, and Freshmen on Thursday. Next parent meeting will be Monday April 6 at 7pm.

The district put out some information to teachers. There will probably not be a pass/fail for grades at the high school level. It is possible at JrHS level, but district is still communicating with CA Education Department.

Teachers are to give the grade "missing" to all assignments not turned in while we are on distant learning. Teachers are available Friday 9am-12pm for any help students need.

Isolate your family and save a life!

Miss you all!

Wednesday March 25, 2020

I "saw" the sophomores this afternoon on Great seeing them today. Some new hairstyles, one that was great, many that were not! Haha!

Freshmen are on for tomorrow, follow this link-

Watching some Netflix shows. 2-3 at a time. My daughter Kari has been my viewing partner. We laugh and cry together. It has been awesome. When would we have ever done this?

But the big news today was I got permission to go to the field. I was one with the quad today, we were reunited!. So, when we finally get back to playing, Wildcat Field will be ready! It was therapeutic. Man, I sure do miss baseball and all the players. Even some of the coaches... Take care everyone. Hoping for an all-clear sooner than later! Until then, stay safe.

Tuesday March 24, 2020

I "Saw" the juniors this afternoon on They all looked great and sounded upbeat. Miss this guys.

Wednesday at noon I will meet with the Sophomores. Here is the link

I am going to go over to school today. Will be my first time back. I will take a few pictures. Envisioning a scene from The Walking Dead with a place that looks deserted for years, but I know the campus will be great and will welcome me back.  I was told that I must go to campus alone and avoid all other school employees.  District is brining in a custodian to clean my room and disinfect when I am gone. They are telling me that I will not be back to school anytime soon, so I must grab what I need. Making my list.

I am still working on financial information for our account.  As soon as I will hear, I will let you know.

Players need to continue to comple the baseball class Google Classroom requirements.

Hope everyone has a great hump day tomorrow!

Thank you for the emails, texts, and phone call updates. The photos too! They make me smile. Everyone has been so upbeat and positive. Amazing to see how our players are using their time to do/try other things.

Stay safe everyone and enjoy your family!

Monday March 23, 2020

We had a parent meeting tonight. 48 people joined us, thank you! Was great to "see" everyone again. We agreed to meet again using in 2 weeks on April 6 at 7pm.

I am going to meet with the juniors Tuesday at 12pm on Here is the link-

I will keep working on the financial side of things. There are more questions than answers today.

Looks like I can go to the field and my classroom on Wednesday afternoon in a 3 hour window. I will give you more details tomorrow. Look forward to being there it has been 10 days since I last saw the WR baseball field. I will work on the canteen and find out if anyone can join me.

Stay safe and stay inside!

Sunday March 22, 2020

OK, the first two meetings of distant baseball learning are on!

Seniors Meeting March 23, high noon- Meeting Link-

Parent Meeting March 23, 7pm- Meeting Link-

We will be meeting using Free service to meet and video chat with each other. Let me know if any issues. Look forward to "seeing" the seniors and the parents tomorrow! I recomend being in a quiet place with no background noise. If you are struggling to get set-up, ask your son. He can get it working for you.

We will set-up meetings for the other grade levels as the week moves on. I will contact the players.

Max, Coach Wife, and I got out for a hike today. Just awesome. I recomend getting out and going for a walk, hike, or run. Fresh air was beautiful. My family of four has taken the "safer at home" very serious. We are doing our part and staying home. Hope you all feel the same way.

Get your questions ready for our meetings tomorrow!

Have a great Sunday. Stay home, and save a life.

Saturday March 21, 2020

The ability to leave our house continues to get restricted. I think Coach Wife and I will take a shot at a hike Sunday morning, just to get out and move. Our dog Max is going stir crazy. His short walks in our neighborhood is not enough for him. We will avoid people!

So, let's do a parent meeting Monday night at 7pm using You can use a computer, cell, tablet, or laptop. Here is the link to join the meeting Monday night- You will need to download the app/program, depending on the device you will use. Then make an account. It is free to join and use. Look forward to giving this a shot!

I will try and meet with the seniors Monday afternoon at noon. I will text them individually to set it up.

Can't wait to "see" the seniors Monday afternoon and the parents Monday night! It has been too long!

Take care everyone.

Stay home and save a life!

Friday March 20, 2020

Well, it looks like May 4th would be the earliest we could return for school. Extending out the distance learning even more. My gut tells me we don't make it back to the campus until August. I really hope I am wrong.

I continue to stay busy. We had our first online faculty meeting in the morning. Then I communicated with about 20 students who were turning in classwork. After that we had a department meeting. It was great to "see" all my coworkers today. Miss them.  They all seem to be holding up well and are staying positive.

What do you all think of having a Seniors online video chat ( on Monday at noon?  Then Juniors Tuesday, Sophomores Wednesday, and Freshmen on Thursday? I would love it. I will get you more details Saturday/Sunday. I think it would be awesome to get us all together and chat.

And on that note, how about a virtual parent meeting Monday night at 7pm? Information coming soon!

Keep the emails, pictures, texts, and videos coming. They make me smile!

Everyone hang in there.  We got this!

Stay inside and save a life!


Thursday March 19, 2020

I am glad I am "blogging" here each night, it helps me keep track of days.  They are starting to blur.  You all know I am long winded.  My family is glad I can express my thoughts here, they are tired of hearing it!

Well, we got the order “Safer at Home” from the Governor and now most non-essential businesses are closed. I feel for everyone who will be impacted financially. I feel for the small business owners. So many of these businesses have supported our baseball program over the years. It is heartwarming to hear the stories of major corporations and the governments who are coming to the aid of Americans. This is the American spirit of old. The people that my grandfather told me of. The generations that I read about in history books. Once this incredible time in our nations’ history passes, I believe that we will emerge as a better society. All Americans united as one people with love and compassion for others.

Man do I miss the baseball players. Missing my students too! I get to interact with my students online now, but it is just a fraction of the interaction we used to have. I miss classes, practices, banter, meals, laughs, meetings, BP, games, game day attire, and really just the normal daily grind.  Funny, when you are in it you don’t see how much fun it is. Now being out of it, I would give anything to get back in.

Players and students can now never take for granted what you had. Every time you put the uniform on, it could be your last. Every time you say you love your mom; it could be your last.

Your West Ranch teachers are incredible! They are working so hard to give you an educational experience and make the best of this situation. Love the stories I am hearing of the online process. We have our first online faculty meeting tomorrow morning! Make sure you are communicating with your teachers the way they have requested. And do your schoolwork!

Counselors and administrators are online via email and are ready to assist you with anything you may need. Even the wellness center is online via email and ready to render aide as needed.

Seniors, this is just crazy stuff.  Hollywood movie type nonsense. You will pick yourself up and lead our great nation. We are so lucky to have you as future citizens and adults. Our country is in great hands! Please, finish high school strong. No matter what format high school will be in.

Parents, hang in there!  You got this!  Lead by example at home. Hold onto the precious moments you have with your kids. This will be over soon, and it will have been what you made of it. Coach Wife and I are thankful we have both our kids back at home. We are spending priceless time together. I am hoping you are having the same experience.

Please do not go to West Ranch for any reason.  The campus is closed.  Do not use the baseball facility.

All the WR baseball coaches are here to help.  Please let us know if you need anything!

Let’s flatten the curve.  Stay home and save a life!

Love and miss you all!

God bless!

Wednesday March 18, 2020

Greetings from the Burrill Bunker.

I feel like the "shelter at home" decision is coming. I hope not, but Northern California is doing it now. This is just crazy stuff. What a difference one week makes. We should have played Valencia today…  Go Cats!

Hope you all are doing well. I am a little stir crazy, but safe and healthy. I have my family of 4 and I am thankful to be spending time with them. We have never talked so much as a family. We have laughed and cried today. Interesting it took a pandemic too bring us all together and take us away from our busy days.  Hope you are reuniting with your family as well.

Took Coach Wife and Max (Belgian Malinois) out for a 2+ mile walk today in the cool air. Was refreshing and much needed.

We cannot use the baseball field. No cages! Our admin will be calling the Sherriff to have trespassers arrested. I have had my job threatened. Please help with this. No one should be out of their house anyway. Stay home and save a life.

If you want to help Ronnie Wald, you can use Venmo- @ronnie-wald. Many have helped already. He is overwhelmed by the generosity of the WR Baseball Family.

I taught my first online class today at 1pm. Sorted thru 221 emails of assignments and questions. I was exhausted, but it was so great to "see" all my students. They are so energetic and ready to learn. They cranked thru my assignments with nothing but maturity and excitement. So proud to be their teacher. Teenagers are so darn resilient.

So, I sign off tonight wishing you all the best. Hope you feel safe, content, and optimistic. If you need anything, don’t hesitate to contact me.  I would be happy to help!  Please keep your baseball players in the house, don't let them out. We must all do our part, including our youth!

Better days are coming.

Miss and love you all!

Tuesday March 17, 2020

Online school starts tomorrow! Visit this page if you are not sure what is happening.

Our broadcaster Ronnie Wald has fallen on hard times. If you want to donate, drop me a note. He does rely on the income of his broadcasts to stay afloat. As you know, there are no sporting events for him to broadcast..

I continue to hear from players and families. They are just giving me updates on how they are dealing with the "stay at home" environment. Love all the quick notes and pictures, keep them coming. I sent text messages to my former coaches to check on them, some laughs and some heartache over postponed baseball. Even Skip (Coach Gillespie) is texting these days!

Coach Wife and I made a trip in the middle of the day to Walmart and we were able to buy much of what we needed. Used the shopping cart to keep people 6 feet away! It was our first time shopping since the hoarding. Bizarre to see empty shelves where food and paper goods used to be. They had ice cream Snickers bars!

Hope you have your loved ones with you, and you have what you need to hunker down.

Stay inside and save a life!

Miss you all!

Monday March 16, 2020

As I type, I have a diet coke and snickers bar in front of me.

I have received a bunch of nice emails and texts. Thank you! Bummed for the baseball season but thankful for all of you.

The restrictions on gatherings continue to tighten. Restaurants, bars, gyms, theatres, etc... all being asked to close or scale back. Today it was announced that no gatherings over 10 should take place and anyone over 65 should stay home. Some of you have asked about my dad. Papa Burrill is home, safe, and secure. He has everything he needs. And no, he won't let me visit him!

I had a chance to set-up my online website for my classes. All teachers will have their online classroom up and running by Wednesday morning, the official start day of class. Looks like most teachers are using Google Classroom. I have decided to stay with my classroom website

Teachers could be on campus today. There was only a handful of us. Campus was quiet. Strange to see it that way on a Monday morning when students should be everywhere. Reminds me of last semester after the Saugus shooting. What a year it has been...

Of course, I went out to the baseball field. Our field is saturated, but super green. You all know I don't like field work, but I wished I could jump on the quad and start spinning the dirt. If we were playing and not suspended, all this rain would have been a nightmare. But at this point I would rather be getting muddy trying to get the field ready to play.

I already miss you all!

Be safe, be kind, and stay in shape.

Save someone's life, and stay home.

Sunday March 15, 2020

I am getting some questions from players and families. So here are some Q&As.

Please do not make monthly donations until further notice. School financial decisions will be made this week. So more info coming soon.

Will we play games again this spring? Chances are no. However, if this virus were to dissipate quickly, and April 30 we receive the OK to play again, then it is possible that we could sneak in 5-10 games before the end of the school year. I am not optimistic. This would be for the varsity level only. I do not see a scenario where there would be CIFSS playoffs this spring. But...

Can we use the field?  Can we practice?  The field may not be used until April 30 by any players, coaches, or outside groups.  Please do not enter onto campus. This includes field, cages, and bullpens. The idea is for us to have no contact with each other. Coaches are not to have contact with any students.

What are the physical expectations for the WR baseball players moving forward? We would like all the players to stay in great shape. Throw, run, and exercise. But all this needs to be done under the umbrella of a current pandemic. So train smart and train safe.

What about the baseball class? Please document twice a week your physical activity at our online baseball Google Classroom HERE.

How is school going to work for the next 3 weeks leading up to spring break.?  Well... there is a great video HERE.  And a bunch of Hart District information HERE.  Basically, you will get assignments and interact with your teacher twice a week during designated times for the subject.  And all teachers will be available Friday morning for any help and guidance.  As of now, all AP tests are on as planned.

Coach, how are you and the other coaches doing?  All the coaches are doing well.  Families are healthy. We have TP. Coaches are bummed that there is no baseball.  We miss everyone and are already starting to get bored.  Our honey-to-do lists are growing. All the coaches wish the WR baseball families nothing but the best.  And stay safe everyone, don't touch anyone or anything!!

Friday March 13, 2020

It is with great pain that we end our 2020 baseball season. The William S Hart School District has decided to suspend play until at least April 30. Our last game of the regular season lands on April 30. There does not look like a scenario where we could play again in the spring of 2020.

For our 8 seniors, it is an unfair and cruel end to your high school careers. However, you have made the program, our school, and your families proud. You are ready for life's next challenge. All 8 of you are amazing young men destined for greatness!  You have competed with grace and dignity and our entire West Ranch family wishes you all the best.  Wildcats forever!

To our returning players and families. We will rise above this. Our Cats will survive and prosper. West Ranch baseball players will be hungry for competitive baseball. We anticipate a full June schedule of baseball where we will compete and prepare ourselves for the 2021 spring season. There are no baseball practices or meetings until after spring break.

The coaching staff is here for all of you. Do not hesitate to reach out.

Stay safe everyone!

Casey Burrill
Head Baseball Coach
West Ranch HS


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