2018 Tentative Varsity Roster

There will be roster moves on and off this list up until start of 2018 spring season.

Picture # Name Grad Year T/B Positions



  Nicholas Balingit 2019 R/R Inf
  Trent Bird 2019 R/L P
  Ian Buckner 2019 R/R P
  Justin Bumgarner 2018 L/R OF, 1B, P
  Alex Burge 2018 L/L P, OF
  JD Callahan 2019 R/R P, 1B
  Jovan Camacho 2019 R/L Utility
  Ryan Camacho 2019 R/R Utility
  Will Chambers 2018 R/S 1B, OF
  Nikko Clarke 2019 R/R Inf
  Ryan Farr 2020 R/R Inf
  Brenden Fisher 2018 R/R P
  Chris Freeman 2019 R/R C, 3B
  Matty Frierson 2019 R/L P, C, 3B

Evan Gellatly

2018 R/R Utility
  Garrett Monheim 2019 R/L OF
  David Montalban 2018 R/R P
  Cade Nicol 2019 R/L P, Inf
  Nicholas Perez 2020 R/L Utility, C, P



  Ryan Perez 2018 R/R Utility
  Vincent Rojas 2018 R/R P
  Christos Stefanos 2018 R/R C, 3B, P
Picture # Name Grad Year T/B Positions

Head Coach: Casey Burrill

Asst. Coaches: Brady Burrill, Ryan Lindgreen, Jim Wagner, Bob Cardamone, and Travis Sreden


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