November 23 - 25, 2018


2018 Tournament Schedule

Date Time Opponents Location
11/23 Fri
Harvard-Westlake vs West Ranch
West Ranch
11/23 Fri 12:00 Dos Pueblos vs Cleveland West Ranch
11/24 Sat
Dos Pueblos vs West Ranch
West Ranch
11/24 Sat 12:00 Cleveland vs Harvard-Westlake West Ranch
11/25 Sun
Cleveland vs West Ranch
West Ranch
11/25 Sun 12:00 Harvard-Westlake vs Dos Pueblos West Ranch


Current Tournament Roster- Bird- P, Burns, JD Callahan- P, Ja Callahan, J Camacho, R Camacho, Deck- P, Farr, Gombos- P, Harrison- P, Hepp- P, Huff- P, Ilan, Lang- P, Monheim, Nicol- P, Perez- P, Robles, Snavley- P, St. Amand- P, Striplin, Topping, Tucker- P, and Wyre


2nd Game Work Crews-

Friday- Monheim, Callahans, Burns, Bird, Farr, Gombos, Hepp, and Wyre

Saturday- Robles, Camachos, Perez, Harrison, Lang, Huff, Robles, and Deck

Sunday- Tucker, Striplin, Nicol, Snavley, Ilan, St. Amand, and Topping


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