Trainer: Kylie Trammell-

Strength Coach: Chris Antariksa-

Live Web Broadcast- Ronnie Wald-

District Certified Assistant Coaches- Leo Stefanos, Robert Camacho, Fernando Montalban, Mike Monheim, Ken Striplin, and Peter Freeman

School Staff

  • Principal- Mark Crawford
  • Assistant Principal (Athletics) - Kristan Hinze
  • Assistant Principals- Donna Manfredi and Bryan Wilson
  • Assistant Principal Secretary- Debby Gibson
  • Counselors- Suzanne Van Amberg, Ci Ci Cazan, Theresa Fox-Warford, Jeff Rogers, Christine Reynoso, and Janette Woolridge
  • Athletic Director- Cassandra Perez
  • Plant Manager-Humberto Almaraz
  • Field Managers- Ed Berrera and Jack Shannon
  • ASB Director- Tracie Priske
  • Baseball Account Manager- Fran Whitney
  • Photographers- Kari Burrill, Linda Rebman, and Norma Perez

Team Trainer Kylie Trammell

Strength and Conditioning Coach Chris Antariksa

Team Broadcaster Ronnie Wald

Team Grandpa Jerry Burrill


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