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Ranchers Games - Saturday 12-15-18


Varsity Game 2- The Varsity team beat host Thousand Oaks 3-2 on Saturday evening. As the field grew dark, Trent Bird got the last outs and the win. He went 3 innings allowing just 1 run. Cade Nicol got the start and threw 3 scoreless innings. At the plate, Ryan Tucker had a solo home run and a single. Nicholas Perez had a double and a single. Garrett Monheim had 2 hits. Trey Topping had a clutch 2 RBI single to give the Ranchers the lead late in the game. Connor Harrison chipped in with a hit.

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Varsity Game 1- In the early game the Ranchers beat Moorpark 8-4. Trey Topping had a triple, 2 singles, and a RBI. Ryan Ilan had 2 hits and a RBI. Ryan Farr had a big 2 RBI double. Nicholas Perez had a hit and 2 RBIs. Jovan Camacho and Ryan Camacho each had a hit and a RBI. Luke Gombos and Cameron Deck each added singles.

Box Score - Hudl Video


JV 12 Innings- In a scheduled 12 inning contest, the JV team lost at Moorpark 5-19. Trent Huff had 2 doubles, a single, and a RBI. Phillip Sawyer had a double and a single. Luke St. Amand had a triple and 3 RBIs. Jake Callahan, James Hepp, Luke Hinrichs, and Adam Ilan each added hits. On the mound Josh Yosfan threw 1 2/3 scoreless innings. St. Amand went 3 innings striking out 7.

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Freshmen @ Burroughs- Win 12-9. Details coming soon.


Freshmen @ Moorpark- Loss 0-4. Details coming soon.




--Recaps & Review--

JV @ Burroughs- 12/12/18

Trent Huff had a big 3 RBI double in the 7th to get the Ranchers back in the game. He finished with 3 hits on the evening as the Ranchers tied Burroughs 4-4. Scott Bauman had a RBI single. Jake Callahan and Josh Yosfan each added singles. On the mound, Huff threw 3 innings and allowed no earned runs. Dom Maloney threw 1 inning also allowing no earned runs.

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Weekend Ranchers Games- 12/8 - 12/9

Varsity Game 2- In the second game of the day, the Ranchers beat Sierra Canyon 6-1. Connor Harrison got the start and the win throwing 2 2/3 scoreless innings Garrett Snavley threw 2 1/3 scoreless innings in relief. Cameron Deck tossed a scoreless 7th inning. At the plate, Ryan Camacho had a home run, double, single, and 3 RBIs. Garrett Monheim had 3 hits and 2 RBIs. Nicholas Perez hit a double. Trey topping, Sam callan, and Luke Gombos each added a hit.


Varsity Game 1- In the ealry morning game on Sunday, the Ranchers lost to the host school Simi Valley 2-3. JD Callahan was strong in relief tossing 3 scoreless innings. On offense, Ryan Farr had a RBI single. Nicholas Perez, Trey Topping, and Ryan Ilan each chipped in with hits.

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JV Game 2- In the second game on Saturday afternoon, the Ranchers lost 5-7 to Simi Valley. Trent Huff had 2 hits. Brandan Deems and James Hepp each had a hit and a RBI. Isaac Martinez, Eric Muneton, and Josh Yosfan each had a RBI. Adding hits were Phillip Sawyer, Scott Bauman, Luke St. Amand, and Adam Ilan. Ryan Lang threw 2 2/3 scoreless innings. Huff threw a scoreless inning.

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JV Game 1- In the morning game on Saturday, the Ranchers lost at Simi Valley 2-6. Luke St. Amand and Josh Yosfan each threw 2 scoreless innings. Luke Hinrichs had a 2 RBI single. Yosfan added a single.

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Freshmen- The Freshmen Beat Granada Hills 11-10 on Sunday morning at the Hart Complex. DJ Tsukashima had 3 hits. Robert Sowter had 2 hits and 3 RBIs. Blake Schroeder and Sean Sadaqatmal each had 2 hits and a RBI. Jack Stewart also had 2 hits. Noah Greenwald, Jake Priske, and Brandon Camacho each had a hit and a RBI. Adding hits were Joseph Jizmajian, Jake Schwartz, and Jake McMillan. Kristian Trujillo chipped in with a RBI. On the mound, Schwartz, Gavin Langston, McMillan, Camacho, Michael Taylor, and Stewart each threw a scoreless inning.

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A Job Well Done- Thanks to all who helped Athletes in Action on Wednesday night!

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Field Removation Updates- Thanks to the Underground


Parent Work Day- Sunday December 2

Thanks to all the parents who helped on Sunday. We got a bunch of work done. Best parents in So Cal!

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On Friday 11/9 Barkshire Laser Leveling flattened our infield playing service. They also spread 2 truck and trailers full of Corona Clay Angel Mix baseball dirt. A dethatcher machine was used to take away all the lips around the edge of the infield. Thanks to all the parents, administrators, distirct office, and community members that made this possible.

--Next Up at Wildcat Field--

  • Apply Pro Choice infield conditioner
  • Weed control fertilizer spread
  • Rebuild Mound- Parent Work Day
  • Add clay to batterboxes and catcher's area- Parent Work Day
  • Overseed and fertilze entire field
  • Rebuild bullpen mounds
  • Replace outfield windscreen


Saturday Freshmen Ranchers @ Notre Dame- 12/1

The Freshmen Ranchers lost at Notre Dame 2-9 on Saturday morning. Jake Schwartz threw 2 scoreless innings to start the game. Christian Powers and Sean Sadaqatmal each threw a scoreless inning. At the plate, Isaac Martinez had a RBI single. Schwartz and Michael Taylor each hit a single. Joseph Jizmajian contributed with a RBI.



Varsity Ranchers Game 3 Results- The Ranchers beat Cleveland 11-3 on Sunday morning to wrap up the Turkey Tourney. Trent Bird got the start and the win tossing 3 innings allowing 1 run on just 1 hit. Trent Huff threw 3 shutout innings in relief. Cameron Deck finshed the game in the 7th inning. On offense, Connor Harrison had 3 hits and a RBI. Luke Gombos had a triple, single, and 2 RBIs. Matt Striplin had a RBI double. Saul Robles also hit a double. Ryan Lang had a 2 RBI single. Jovan Camacho had a hit and a RBI. Adding hits were Ryan Farr, Garrett Monheim, and Brandon Wyre. Ryan Camacho amd Trey Topping contributed with RBIs.

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Varsity Ranchers Game 2 Results- The Ranchers beat Dos Pueblos 4-12 on Saturday morning behind 12 hits from the offense. Ryan Camacho had a triple, 2 singles, and a RBI. Ryan Farr had 3 hits and 2 RBIs. Ryan Tucker had 2 hits and 2 RBIs. Trey Topping and Ryan Ilan each had a hit and a RBI. Adding hits were Cameron Deck and Brandon Wyure. Garrett Monheim chipped in with a RBI. On the mound, JD Callahan picked up the win throwing 2 shutout innings. Ryan Lang closed out the game with 2 1/3 scoreless innings.

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Varsity Ranchers Game 1 Results- The Ranchers lost to Harvard-Westlake 0-4 in the first game of the Turkey Tourney. Cade Nicol threw 2 soreless innings and James Hepp threw a scoreless 7th inning. Connor Harrison struck out 4 in 2 2/3 innings of work. At the plate, Ryan Farr had the only hit for the Ranchers.

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Another Great Alumni Gathering

Aaron Watkins Takes the Homerun Contest! Aaro Smirnoff Comes in Second.

Team Fredrickson Takes the Modified Scrimmage

Team Alvarez Feeds the Group With Sharky's

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Annual Sharks Special Olympics Softball Game and Clinic

Well Done Everyone! Great Time Once Again! No Better Day of the Year!

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