Summer Camp Has Been Postponed by the District

The ability to keep players, coaches, staff, and families safe is in question.

Next target date for District sports is July 20. I will keep you all posted as I get information.

2020-2021 WR Athletic Clearance

Each player must complete the Athletic Clearance registration process online prior to participating in any WR sports.

HERE is the link to all the information

The new 2020-2021 remind app code is here. To get on board text to 81010 the message- @h36b37

This is a great way to stay in contact with the parents in the program. Parents from all grade levels are encouraged to join.

I will try and keep the baseball and school updates coming on this webpage. As I know, you will know. I will also share my thoughts and experiences as this moves forward, feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

Coach Casey Burrill

Previous COVID-19 Daily Updates are HERE

Most recent updates are below...

Thursday July 9, 2020-

Many of you have asked for the hybrid schedules that the school board approved. So here they are. One for high school one for junior high. Baseball practice would be an 8th period class starting at 1:40pm each day. Click on the image to see a larger version of the image.

Obviously, these models are the current target for our school district and can change as the health department makes new guidelines. Hopefully, it changes towards more on campus time with the virus is in retreat. If the virus gets worse, then we could be forced to more online teaching and less classroom time. And it is possible we get forced to complete online education for the semester.

Once again, you can select online only learning for this semester and still come to practice each day at 1:40pm.

Stay safe everyone!

Wedensday July 8, 2020-

Next Zoom meeting will be Monday July 13 at 7pm. It will be for parents and players. There will be just the one meeting for returning players and incoming freshmen. Zoom link coming soon.

Not much more to add since my post yesterday. A bunch of information from Tuesday.

Stay safeveryone!

Tuesday July 7, 2020-

The debate is on. A nationwide debate. Should schools open to in person instruction or should the first semester be all online? I sure understand both sides. If I had a school age child, I would be begging to get him/her back to school.  As of today, and the current trend of the CORONA Virus, there is no way I would want my child back in school. It has turned political, each side digging in. So now what?

Here are my own thoughts for my own situation. Yours may be different and I except and honor your thoughts and opinions. I am nervous for my own safety. My wife teaches too. I am not confident there will be enough protection for the students and staff. I also do not think there is a solid plan in place in case someone is infected by the virus and attends school for a day. I am yearning for some time in the classroom with my students. No baseball with the boys is slowly killing me. I sure would like to be back on campus with everyone. I would like things to be normal again. Vaccine please!

Today with what I know and hear, I would prefer distance learning and keeping everyone safe. But I will be a good soldier and fall in line just like our health care workers have been doing all along. If I am asked to go back to school and teach/coach, I will do it with the same energy and enthusiasm that I always have. My dedication to the safety of the students will be at the forefront of every move I make. It will be a challenging, emotional, exciting, and nervous time for sure. So, I wait for a decision to be made. There is a little more time for our district to reach the best decision for everyone involved. School is scheduled to start August 11.

The parents have been asked to voice their opinions.  Our district is asking for parents to decide on an educational model for their own children. Below is the information sent out by our district to help parents make a decision based upon today’s health recommendations.  


Good Morning Hart District Families,
Our schools sent out a survey asking families to indicate their plan for the fall (exclusive online learning or blended learning). We realize that many of you do not have the information you need to make this decision. The following is a review of the important factors to consider when deciding between the exclusive online learning model and the blended learning model. An FAQ page is being created and will be added to the District web site. Additional details will be shared on a weekly basis. 
Exclusive Online Learning

  • Students will remain enrolled at the current school unless the parent indicates that the preference is for long term online learning through Learning Post Academy/Hart at Home.
  • Students will be scheduled in the same manner as peers who will return to campus.
  • Teachers will utilize Google Classroom to deliver the instruction each week.
  • Teachers will be required to use ZOOM or Google Meet to interact virtually with students providing instruction to support Google Classroom content.
  • If a student elects to participate in the exclusive online learning environment, he or she may still participate in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities such as athletics, ASB, etc…
  • If a student elects to begin the semester in the exclusive online learning environment, he or she may switch to the blended learning model at any time during the semester.  Once a switch has been made, students will be expected to continue with that option through the semester unless presented with extenuating circumstances.
  • Teachers will provide targeted intervention for struggling students.
  • Teachers will be receiving professional development to increase effectiveness of online instructional practices and students will be held accountable for integrity of assignments and due dates.

Blended Learning

  • Students will be divided into two cohorts based on first initial of last name (A-K Cohort A, L-Z Cohort B).  Based on the requirement to maintain social distance, the schools can only accommodate 19-20 students per classroom.
  • Students in Cohort A will attend school on a block schedule Monday and Tuesday.  Students will be dismissed at lunch.
  • Lunch will be “grab and go”.
  • Students in Cohort B will attend school on a block schedule Thursday and Friday. 
  • Wednesdays will be rotated between cohorts weekly unless there is a holiday on a Monday in which case Cohort A will attend Wednesday on the block schedule.
  • Block schedule allows for three classes per day at the junior high.
  • The high school schedule has three classes per day along with additional time in the early morning for dual enrollment and the afternoon for athletics and other school specific courses.
  • All students and staff are required to wear masks.
  • Anyone entering campus will need to sanitize their hands prior to entrance and sanitize again prior to entering any classroom or building.
  • Both core curriculum and elective courses will be offered.
  • Students are expected to be participating virtually in the instructional process when not on campus.
  • Students will be required to rotate classrooms per their individual schedule.
  • Parents are expected to keep children home if they are displaying any COVID-19 related symptoms.
  • Campuses will be marked with social distancing indicators in all areas where a line may form.
  • There will be occupancy limits for restrooms, libraries, and wellness centers.
  • All students from the same family will be placed in the same cohort.
  • Changes to the assigned cohort can be requested and will be accommodated until the requested cohort is at capacity. 
  • Students or staff testing positive for COVID-19 will be quarantined.  Contact tracing will be completed and students who have been exposed will be notified and quarantined for 14 days or until a negative COVID test is provided. 
  • If there is an outbreak, which is defined as three or more positive cases within a 14 day period, the Department of Public Health will be notified and the school will follow their directives.

We value the partnership we have with you as we work together through this unprecedented time to continue providing the best education for your children. We hope that with this added information you will be able to let your school know your preference.


Good luck on your decisions. Stay safe!

Monday July 6, 2020-

I heard back from the WR Admin who contacted our district and CIFSS officials. You would be allowed to play any sports at WR if you choose to be exclusively online for your education this fall semester. So there is no pressure to make your decision as to whether you want to return to campus for the hybrid schedule or stay at home during the day for the online curriculum.

The COVID-19 numbers from the weekend are not encouraging.

Have a safe and healthy week!

Sunday July 5, 2020-

Thanks for joining me for the Zoom meetings tonight. Here is a short recap-

  • Summer camp starting tomorrow has been canceled by the district due to health concerns
  • Thanks to Lindgreen, Cardamone, Imbert, Powers, and my brother for working on the camp planning
  • Thanks to the parents who donated time, energy, and money towards the camp
  • We feel like we were ready to conduct the camp and keep our players, coaches, staff, and families healthy
  • WR coaches can not have contact live face-to-face interactions with the WR players
  • West Ranch High School is closed, you may not use the baseball facility
  • We encourage and support our players playing baseball elsewhere this summer
  • Makes sense to us if you decide not to play baseball to keep your family safe
  • Camp refunds will be completed when school starts
  • July 20 CIFSS will produce a 2020-2021 sports calendar; this will tell us a lot about the plan for next school year’s sports
  • First day of school is August 11
  • Parents have been sent a questionnaire to decide if the want online or hybrid education this fall
  • Most colleges and universities in California are now online for the fall
  • There does not look like a scenario where there is a baseball PE class
  • We have no word on after school WR baseball practices
  • College coaches cannot recruit or watch players play until at least September 1st
  • Our seniors should be contacting college coaches and sending video of play
  • We will not make summer cuts
  • Tryouts will be held later when we can play normal baseball

Let me know of any questions.  I am looking into a player being online for classes and still be able to practice with the team in the afternoon. I will continue to post information here on my daily blog as it comes my way.

I will continue the expansion of the Burrill LEGO City and watch the bears up here in Pine Mountain Club. I would rather be with our players on Wildcat Field…

Stay safe everyone!

Saturday July 4, 2020-

Happy birthday America! We continue to see our great nation grow. And 2020 has been no exception.

Tomorrow night we will have our Zoom meetings. Returning families 7pm meeting link is HERE. Incoming Freshmen families 7:30pm meeting link is HERE. Have a great 4th of July weekend.

Stay safe everyone!

Friday July 3, 2020-

Sunday night July 5th we will have our Zoom meetings. Returning families 7pm meeting link is HERE. Incoming Freshmen families 7:30pm meeting link is HERE. Have a great 4th of July weekend.

Hope you all have a great 4th of July! May you and your family be healthy over the holiday weekend!

Stay safe eveyone!

Thursday July 2, 2020-

It looks like UC schools and several private universities like USC are now going online for the Fall semester. Maybe not having our camp is a wise move in terms of safety for all of us.

I am still trying to recover from the news of no camp this coming Monday. I so want to see all of our players. We will eventually get everything back up and running and baseball will be as strong as ever.

Sunday night July 5th we will have our Zoom meetings. Returning families 7pm meeting link is HERE. Incoming Freshmen families 7:30pm meeting link is HERE. Have a great 4th of July weekend.

Please stay safe.

Wednesday July 1, 2020-

Click HERE for The Signal article about summer camps being postponed.

So for us, we need to follow the current district rules.

  • No coach to player practices or workouts
  • WR Baseball facility cannot be used
  • Players can participate in club or scout teams as they wish
  • West Ranch players cannot wear West Ranch gear with other teams
  • July 20 is next target date for summer camp decision

Although the coaching staff is extremely disappointed with this decision, we are for the health and safety of the player, coaches, support staff, and families.  So, we will be thankful for everyone’s health and are hopeful for a safe return to Wildcat Field in the future. The coaching staff put together a practice plan that we think would be productive for the players while keeping everyone safe. You can see that practice plan HERE.

To our players- I appreciate your patience.  I know you want to get on the field and compete with your teammates. Please know the coaches feel the same way. Our program will be ready when we get the all clear. Please continue to work out and train for the sport we all love to play. You need to play catch. I love seeing the pictures and videos of you all playing baseball and getting better. Feel free to play somewhere else that is safe for you and your family. You have our full support to finish this summer with another organization. Contact me if you need help finding places to play. Keep me in the loop as I will enjoy following your baseball travels. I will live vicariously thru your baseball experiences. I also understand if you want to keep your distance from others to keep you and your family healthy. There is no correct way to end your summer this year. What you decide to do will be driven by the comfort level of you and your family. Take care of YOU and what is best for your family. I am just a phone call or text message away and will always be here for you!

I will be watching the news and bugging our district for information. The Burrill LEGO City will get lots of love.

Sunday night July 5th we will keep our Zoom meetings, but we will turn them into family meetings. Returning families 7pm meeting link is HERE. Incoming Freshmen families 7:30pm meeting link is HERE.

Stay safe everyone, I miss you all!

Tuesday June 30, 2020-

Another long month coming to an end. July starts tomorrow! Coaches had COVID training this morning and there is more tomorrow.

We have a working shell for our practice plan for Monday's first day of camp. Take a look at it. Like always, you can find the daily practice plan here on our website. Go to the "Schedules" drop down menu, then select "Today's Plan".

Thanks to those who have donated thermometers to the program. Always a generous group.

Sunday night July 5th we will have one last Zoom meeting before we start camp the next morning.  Returning player 7pm meeting link is HERE.  Incoming Freshmen player 7:30pm meeting link is HERE.

Each player must bring a copy of their completed physical exam on the first day. Players must register/pay for the camp and have completed the online Athletic Clearance.

Each player will need to bring to camp a completed Sports Liability Release Form.  Download it HERE.

Stay safe!

Coach Casey Burrill

Previous COVID-19 Daily Updates are HERE


3rd League Games vs Canyon

Varsity- The Wildcats came from behind to take the lead in the top of the 7th using a 5 run inning. The comeback was highlighted by a couple of 2 run singles by Trey Topping and Ryan Farr. Topping finished with 3 hits and 2 RBIs. Farr ended up with a triple, single, and 3 RBIs. DJ Tsukashima had a RBI single. Blake Schroeder hit a double. Brandon Wyre and Matt Striplin each added a hit. The Wildcat arms shined again. Scott Bauman got the start and went 4 1/3 innings allowing 1 run and leaving the game with the lead. Luke St. Amand picked up the win in relief and Trent Huff earned the save getting the last 2 outs. The Cats will next host Canyon Thursday at 2pm.

Box Score - Hudl Video - Pictures - The Signal Article


JV- Rained out. Game scheduled for 2pm Thursday at Canyon.


Frosh- The Frosh game was rained out. Game rescheduled for Thursday 2pm at sierra Vista JrHS.



Saturday March 7 Games- 2nd League Games


Varsity- The Wildcats lost 0-4 on Saturday to Thousand Oaks. The non-league spring game was played at College of the Canyons. The Wildcat arms did their job again keeping West Ranch in the game. James Hepp got the start and went 4 innings allowing just 1 run while striking out 3. Trent Huff pitched the next 3 innings allowing just 1 earned run. At the plate, Jake Callahan had a pair of hits. Nicholas Perez hit a double. Adding hits were Ryan Farr and Blake Schroeder.

Box Score - Hudl Video - Pictures - Broadcast


JV- JV traveled out to Thousand Oaks on Monday night and left with a hard fought 4-4 tie. Brendan Deems got the start and went 3 2/3 innings. Shane Overholser tossed 3 1/3 scoreless innings in relief. At the plate, Sean Sadaqatnal had a double and 2 RBIs. Ty Deperno also hit a double. Jake Schwartz added a hit.

Box Score


Frosh- The Frosh beat Chaminade 3-2 in another thrilling game. Bret Potter got the start and went 4 innings keeping the Cats in the game. He allowed 2 runs while striking out 4. Joe Specht picked up the win throwing 3 scoreless innings while striking out 3. At the plate, Specht had the big 7th inning 2 RBI single to push the Wildcats in front. Kristian Trujillo had 2 hits. Adding hits were Potter, Jack Stewart, Andrew Grrenberg, and Maverick Diaz.

Box Score



Foothill League Play- Game 2 vs Saugus

Photo by Kevin Karzin

Varsity- The Wildcats took another game from Saugus this week with a 9-2 win on the road. The Wildcat arms were once again untouchable. Ryan Lang, Luke St. Amand, and RJ Gordon combined to allow just 3 hits, 0 earned runs, while striking out 4. St. Amand earned the win in relief. At the plate, the Cats knocked out 12 hits. Nicholas Perez had a bases clearing double, 2 singles, and a 4th RBI. Gordon had 3 hits and a RBI. Blake Schroeder had 2 hits. Trey Topping had a double and a RBI. Brandon Wyre and Jake Callahan each had a hit anad a RBI. Matt Striplin had a hit and Ryan Farr added a RBI.

Box Score - Hudl Video - Pictures - Broadcast - The Signal Article - SCV News Article


JV- The JV steam beat visiting Saugus 7-4 on Friday night. Caden Deck got the start and threw 4 innings for the win. Matt Lloyd picked up the save tossing the last 3 innings. At the plate, Sean Sadaqatmal had a double and a single. Eric Muneton had 2 hits and a RBI. Ty Deperno and Jake Schwartz each had a single and 2 RBIs. Joseph Jizmajian hit a triple. Isaac Martinez and Josef Brosche each added a hit for the Cats. Adam Ilan chipped in with a RBI.

Box Score


Frosh- The Frosh beat Saugus 5-4 in walk-off fashion under the lights at the Colt Field. Ryan Shalkevich had the 2 RBI hit to win the game in the bottom of the 7th. Shalkevich finished with 3 hits on the night. Bret Potter had 2 hits and 2 RBIs. Adding hits were Kristian Trujillo, Gavin Langston, and Shane Buchbinder. On the mound, Harish Balachandran got the start and went 4+ innings keeping the Cats in the game. Langston finished the game picking up the win. He allowed 0 earned runs while striking out 5 in 2 2/3 innings of work.

Box Score



Foothill League Play- Game 1 vs Saugus

Varsity- The Wildcats opened up league play with a 7-1 win over visiting Saugus. The Cats received a great pitching performance from Scott Bauman. The junior right hander went 6 innings allowing just 2 hits and 1 run. He struck out 9 Centurions. James Hepp struck out the side in the 7th to preserve the win. At the plate, DJ Tsukashima had a double, single, and 3 runs scored. Blake Schroeder had a big 2 RBI single. Nicholas Perez and Matt Striplin each had a RBI and single. Adding hits were RJ Gordon and Jake Callahan. Ryan Farr chipped in with a RBI. The Cats travel to Saugus on Friday for a 3pm start.

Box Score - Hudl Video - Pictures - Broadcast - The Signal Article - SCV News Article


JV- The JV squad lost 4-6 on Thursday at Saugus. West Ranch scored all 4 runs in the 7th inning to close the gap, but the rally fell short. Ty DePerno and Sean Sadaqatmal each had 2 hits. Shane Overholser had a hit and 2 RBIs. Josef Brosche had a hit and a RBI. On the mound, Jake Schwartz battled for 5 innings. Brandon Camacho threw a scoreless 6th inning.

Box Score


Frosh- The Frosh dropped their first league game of the season 4-9 on Tuesday night. The Cats got solid pitching from starter Andrew Greenberg who went 4 innings allowing just 2 hits, 1 earned run, while striking out 6 Centurions. Ryan Shalkevich and Bret Potter finished out the game on the mound. On offense, Potter was 4 for 4 with a RBI. Greenberg had a hit and a RBI. Adding hits were Shalkevich, Joe Specht, Aiden Lindquist, Maverick Diaz, and Tyler Lujan. Gavin Langston chipped in with a RBI.

Box Score



Varsity Loara Tourney Game 5- Saturday Feb 29

The Wildcats finished up the Loara Tournament with a 2-4 loss to Ocean View. The Cats once again got several great pitching performances. Ryan Lang got the start and went 2 innings allowing 1 run while striking out 2. Luke St. Amand, Trent Huff, RJ Gordon, and Matt Striplin combined to allow no earned runs while striking out 5. At the plate, Gordon had a triple, double, and a RBI. Ryan Farr hit a single and Brandon Wyre chipped in with a RBI. West Ranch will host Saugus Wednesday at 3pm to open up Foothill League play.

Box Score - Hudl



Freshmen vs Castaic- 2/28/20

West Ranch freshmen beat Castaic 7-0 in the first ever spring match-up between the 2 schools. Matt Lloyd got the start and the win throwing the first 4 innings. Ty DePerno earned the save closing out the game. Lloyd and DePerno combined to allow just 2 hits and received error free defense behind them. At the plate, Lloyd had a 2 RBI triple and 2 singles. Maverick Diaz had a double and a single. Andrew Greeenberg hit a 2 RBI double. DePerno and Bret Potter each had a hit and a RBI. Ryan Shalkevich and Josef Brosche each added singles. Shane Buchbinder chipped in with a RBI.

Box Score



Varsity Loara Tourney Game 4- Thursday Feb 27

The Wildcats picked up their second win of the season with a 11-0 shutout of El Modena. The West Ranch bats came alive at Boysen Park in Anaheim. Nicholas Perez had 2 doubles and 3 RBIs. Brandon Wyre had a double, single, and 3 RBIs. Trey Topping had a double, single, and 2 RBIs. Logan Mandel had a double, single, and a RBI. RJ Gordon hit a RBI triple. Ryan Farr added a hit and DJ Tsukashima chipped in with a RBI. On the bump, Scott Bauman turned in another gem to get the win. He tossed 6 shutout innings, allowing just 4 hits, while striking out 3. James Hepp threw a scoreless 7th inning. The Cats will next play Ocean View on Saturday at Brookhurst Park. 1st pitch is set for 11am.

Box Score - Broadcast - Hudl - Pictures



The Decade in Review- 1st Ever Decade of WR Baseball

Thanks to all the players, families, coaches, faculty, and community for unrivaled hard work and support. Special thanks to all involved in the program for the 4 years before this decade. You set the bar high and started an amazing tradition. Looking forward to decade #2!!!

  • CIF SS Division 1- All 10 Years
  • Overall Record- 185-95-2 (.656)
  • League Record- 103-47 (.687)
  • Foothill League Titles- 3
  • 2nd Place Foothill League- 4
  • D1 Playoff Appearances- 9
  • D1 Semi Final Playoff Appearances- 2
  • Santa Ana Elks Champions- 1
  • Easton So Cal Showdown Champions- 1
  • National Classic Champions- 1
  • Contests on D1 College Fields- 16
  • CIF SS Upper Division Team GPA Top Ten- 2
  • All Foothill League Selections- 66
  • All CIF SS D1 Selections- 9
  • College Alumni All Levels- 53
  • Alumni MLB Drafted- 7
  • Community Service Projects- 16

Colleges and Universities our alumni have attended- Arizona, Arizona State, Belmont, Biola, Boston College, Boise State, BYU, Cal Lutheran, CSUN, CS Fullerton, CS Long Beach, CSLA, CS Pomona, Chapman, Concordia, East Tennessee State, Fresno State, Laverne, Loyola, LSU, Marymount, Marshall, Master's, Michigan State, Milligan, Navy, Northern Arizona, Northern Colorado, Occidental College, Ohio State, Oregon, Pepperdine, San Diego Christian, San Jose State, Sonoma, State, Southern Mississippi, St. Katherine, Temple, Texas, UC Irvine, UCLA, UC Santa Barbara, UC Santa Cruz, UC Riverside, U Mass Amhurst, UNLV, USC, UCSD, West Point, Willamette, and many more...

Each Year 4 Memorial Scholasrhips are Awarded to our Seniors.

Alumni, are we missing anything?

And best of all, they are Wildcats forever!


Thank You For Making Your March Donation #8

Parents may Log-In to the ASB Online Store and make donations. If any question please contact Coach Casey Burrill.

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