Monthly Parent Meetings

Tentative Upcoming Schedule and Guest Speakers- (7pm Start Rm 513)


Monday September 11- Chris Antariksa (Strength) and Baseball 101 @ 6pm Before Meeting

Wednesday October 18- Kylie Trammell (Trainer)

Monday November 13-

Monday December 11-

Monday January 8-

The coaching staff will meet once a month to give a "State of the Program" presentation.  We will deliver information each month that will keep everyone informed and involved. A updated budget report will be available. All questions will be answered.  Attendance at the meetings is not mandatory, but there will be information each month vital to the success of your son and our program.  There is no reason to have an uninformed parent with the existence of the monthly parent meetings.  Please be involved in your son's stay in the baseball program.  An involved and informed parent will help insure that a player will be successful.  We all have the same goal, help our players achieve in the classroom, on the field, and in our community.  Together we can make a difference!

We have had numerous guest speekers in the past. College coaches, athletic trainers, pro scouts, pro coaches, strength coaches, and school employees. We will continue to invite people who can help our parents make good decisions for their son.

At no time will family donations or time invested in the program equate to playing time or making the team.  All money, time, or equipment should be donated for the betterment of the program and not individuals. No player will be kept from participating in the program if his family can not donate to the program. Furthermore, no player will be treated differently if his family is unable to donate to the program.

There will be no booster club positions.  The team finances will be controlled by the school ASB secretary.  A budget update will be presented at each meeting.

See you each month at the parent meetings!

If you have any questions, suggestions, or you would like to help, please contact Coach C Burrill.

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