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Relationships, Rigor, and Relevance

The West Ranch Baseball program would like to take this opportunity to express our thoughts on the importance of academics to our student-athletes. We feel there isn't anything more valuable to a student-athlete than the education he receives at the high school and collegiate levels. Our coaching staff has earned degrees from such institutions as USC, UCLA, Michigan State, The Master’s College, Azusa Pacific University, Long Beach State, and Cal State University Northridge. As teachers, we understand and value a student’s education and promote the concept of life-long learning throughout a student-athlete’s four years at West Ranch. We strive to build relationships beyond the baseball field and classroom and we do this by stressing to our student-athletes the advantages of getting good grades and progressing through different stages of life.


We believe our staff at West Ranch is the best equipped and most dedicated group of teachers and coaches the Santa Clarita Valley has to offer. Brady Burrill was named the West Ranch HS teacher of the year in 2009.  Our young and enthusiastic staff has been handpicked from a variety of schools across the nation and is in the process of building a wonderful institution of higher learning that will benefit our student-athletes and the entire community. West Ranch earned an unprecedented 6 year accreditation in 2008. A first for a new school in Southern California! We had an amazing growth of 85 points over last year's API score of 748. West Ranch is also the first high school in the William S. Hart Union High School District to have an API score over 800 surpassing all other schools in this valley with a score of 833. This puts us in the top 2% of high schools in California.  West Ranch has had the highest test scores in the district since it has been open.  West Ranch ranked #1 in Northern Los Angeles County!


The coaching staff has a strict policy that no player with a GPA below a 2.0 at the end of the fall semester will play baseball in the spring. We also offer a study hall program to all student-athletes where they can meet with the coaches during lunch for tutoring. We bring in former players who have gone on to various colleges across the nation and have them speak to our student-athletes on the importance of education, attitude and work ethic. We also pool our various collegiate resources together to provide graduating seniors with insight, contacts, and other necessary information to begin their advancement into college on the right foot.


West Ranch High School utilizes the block schedule system which has been proven to give teachers more freedom to explore alternative activities and lessons. This has been proven to produce higher test scores and better student retention of academic content. Additionally, West Ranch teachers offer a 30 minute tutorial session to meet with students before each school day. This is a valuable time where a student can seek help and guidance during the course of their academic career at West Ranch High School.


We believe this is our civic responsibility and it is one we embrace with enthusiasm. We are proud of our student-athletes and the relationships we build for the future. We work extremely hard on the baseball field to build great ballplayers, but more importantly we are out to help produce great citizens and people of character and integrity. Join us as we move forward and welcome to our family here at West Ranch.

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West Ranch Baseball Academic Services  and Information

  • Study Table- Below a 2.5 GPA you have mandatory lunch study time in Coach Priske's room
  • Tutoring- Coaches and other teachers on campus
  • Counseling- Best counselors in the district are at West Ranch!
  • 1st Semester 2.0 Rule- Must have a 2.0 after the 1st semester to play at any time during the 2nd semester
  • Suzanne Fogel Memorial Scholarship- A scholarship is given to the senior player with the highest cumulative GPA